Snowden Safe For The Long Term?

MOSCOW (WRC NEWS) — Edward Snowden’s lawyer has informed him that he is legally eligible to obtain permanent Russian citizenship, following the announcement that his asylum status has been extended by 3 years.

The former NSA contractor turned whistleblower has lived in Russia for the last three years.

“Essentially, he now has every reason to apply for [Russian] citizenship in the future, in a while, as the law [states] that one needs to spend no less than 5 years on the territory of Russia [to be granted citizenship],” Snowden’s lawyer Anatoly Kucherena told RIA Novosti news agency.

“This means that if he decides [to apply for citizenship] in the near future, it will be legally possible. He has now lived in Russian for almost four years, has not violated any laws, and there are no [legal] claims against him – this is one of the reasons his residence permit was extended,” Kucherena explained.

In a statement to Interfax, Kucherena also expressed hope that the incoming Trump administration would change Washington’s attitude towards the whistleblower.

“I hope that the administration of President-elect Donald Trump will be more sensitive and objective in its consideration of the Snowden issue and will change the attitude the official authorities [have expressed] towards it,” Kucherena stated on Wednesday, saying that in order “to do this, they need only to work through Snowden’s story and realize that he did not commit any crime.”

Caleb Stephen is a Christian conservative freelance journalist, columnist, political activist and the founder and Editor-In-Chief of The Caleb Report (
Caleb has written for and has articles published on world-renowned websites including World Net Daily (WND), The Daily Caller, The Huffington Post, The Times of Israel, The San Francisco Post, Intellihub, Natural News, Before It’s News and
He is an international reporter for
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CES 2017: With Machines Taking Over, Is Car Insurance A Thing Of The Past?

The 2017 Consumer electronics show.  

Image result for The Consumer electronics show.

CES 2015 – the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Mercedes-Benz presents the F 015 Luxury in Motion concept vehicle. CREDIT

Via. (Danny Quest)

It’s no secret that that machines are slowly taking over our lives.  The Internet of things is connecting everything and everyone to the world wide web, advances in memory, processing and wireless communication technology over the past decade or so has completely revolutionized the way we all go about our daily lives.

Given the exponential nature of technology it is not a stretch of imagination to consider all the ways in which tech will affect our lives in the near future. The Consumer Electronics Show is an annual trade show organized by the Consumer Technology Association.

Held January at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, with an annual Attendance of about 165,000 people, CES was once the place to play and see the newest video games, has slowly morphed into the place to go to see the latest advances in technologies that will come into the market over the next  few years.

Honestly it would be impossible for me to describe everything at CES, everything can be found from cars that park in your living room, to hairbrushes that keep brushing statistics like how many hairs were broken while brushing.

Every major company is in attendance and so far today being the second day of the conference we have seen amazing presentations from companies like Xiaomi Toyota, Honda, LG, Chrysler, Nissan,Volkswagen, and break-out sensation that is poised to challenge Tesla’s dominance of the electric car market, Faraday Future.

The main buzz words you will hear in all of the various auto-maker’s presentations are connected and autonomy, and after watching most of them a few things particularly about the auto-industry becomes clear, we are in the middle of an automotive renaissance, what we know of as ‘driving’ will not exist in 50 years, the future is happening now and nothing we do is going to stop it.

 Humans do not generally like change and there is no doubt that the world is changing, and changing faster then we can even keep up with. I cannot possibly mention a quarter of the amazing innovations that have been presented in just first two days of CES 2017 but I highly recommend that everyone takes the time to check out the full live stream from CNET – HERE.

For many this level of innovation can be very uncomfortable, and rightly so, not only can innovation be dangerous, it also invokes one of our most primal fears, that which we do not know, people have always feared what they do not understand.  That’s why I recommend that you familiarize yourself with these technologies, products, and their dangers because their implications show more big changes are coming our way.

Privacy is a thing of the past, in the future everything will be listening.

Seems that all future products have a microphone attached to them, our products will slowly all be connected together with networks and bio-metrics, start your oven by telling your car or phone to do it while talking to a friend or family member on a heads up display while being driven home by an autonomous vehicle. This is the future the industry is projecting, in one concept from Hyundai your autonomous car even becomes a part of your homes furniture.

A few of the things that come out of all that we have seen so far at CES 2017 is that advancement is not slowing down, in fact many analyst will say that it’s speeding up, we are becoming ever increasingly connected to each other and to our things, advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, robotics, and autonomous vehicles  are approaching fast. This notion of a technological renaissance is nothing new both the internet and cell phones have altered the way that our society works. Those things are tiny steps compared to the advancements we will see in the next decade. This is both exciting and terrifying, memories of Skynet, the Dynocorp take over depicted in science fiction is quickly becoming an apparent reality, as human ingenuity is out paced by technological innovation. Concepts like cashless currencies and the notion that seemly every thing in our house is listening to us is appalling to the liberty minded, given that governments and authorities are already using connected devices to spy and convict us of crimes, sometimes with out a warrant, as was the case with Stingray technology and the recent case of  Amazon’s Echo who built upon the voice search capability of Android’s ‘Ok Google’ and Apple’s Siri to create a device that is capable of doing everything from answering questions to turning on your on your air conditioner. However, like all beneficial technology, when the government gets involved, this useful household item is converted into a spying machine for the surveillance state. In a seemingly unprecedented case out of Bentonville, Arkansas, the latest example of how police can use your technology against you is coming to fruition. Investigators in Bentonville have filed search warrants with Amazon, requesting the recordings made on a man’s Echo device between November 21 and November 22, 2015. The recordings belong to James A. Bates, who was charged with murder after a man was strangled to death in a hot tub.

According to CNET, while investigating, police noticed the Echo in the kitchen and pointed out that the music playing in the home could have been voice activated through the device. While the Echo records only after hearing the wake word, police are hoping that ambient noise or background chatter could have accidentally triggered the device, leading to some more clues.

“It is believed that these records are retained by and that they are evidence related to the case under investigation,” police wrote in the search warrant. 

Could car insurance disappear?

Besides for the obvious threats of hacking and monitoring, there is a bright side of technology, our lives will be easier, we will have more time for leisure as we can finish our work while being driven to our destination, robots will slowly inevitably take over our daily chores, opening up even more time for us to be productive or introspective. Bad driving will be eliminated by 2025 and car insurance costs will plummet, or be non-existent. Driverless cars could dominate the roads in just five years. If there are no accidents, will we even need car insurance? Currently 71% of all car insurance claims result from a vehicle reversing badly, and 23% from parking incidents. Both are expected to be eliminated on roads with driverless cars.


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Danny F. Quest, is an artist, blogger, journalist, and media personality. Co. Founder of, Danny works as a Freelance journalist and graphic designer for, author of ‘120 characters or less’ The guide to winning a debate in the Digtal age. Danny is also working on two documentary films, I love my country but hate what they are doing” and “30 days in Gaza” depicting what it is for Palestinians to live under Israeli occupation.

How The CIA vs Donald Trump War Is Just Getting Started

CIA vs. Donald Trump

[Written by Rachel Blevins]

Just when you think things can’t get crazier with Donald Trump, they do! With these latest developments from the CIA and from U.S. representatives, we are seeing the early signs of an all-out war between the president-elect and the Central Intelligence Agency.

Recent comments from Sen. Chuck Schumer during a recent interview with Rachel Maddow on MSNBC reveal everything you need to know about what is currently happening behind the scenes in Washington D.C.   “When you take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday getting back at you,” Schumer said. “Even for a practical, supposedly hard-nosed businessman, it is being really dumb.”

Did anyone else catch the fact that with that Schumer is essentially saying that if Trump dares to challenge the CIA, it will retaliate against him?    Of course, if you know the true history of the CIA, you know that their reputation is incredibly low as it is, because they create clandestine operations that overthrow democratically elected leaders. They sabotage governments, they sabotage policies, they work for global elites and they torture people. They are known for doing god-awful things in secret, and getting away with it because of their power.

Following Schumer’s hints that the CIA would retaliate against Trump, former CIA Director James Woolsey announced that he is quitting Trump’s transition team. Many people questioned why he was there in the first place. He is a neo-conservative who pushed for war in Iraq, blamed Iraq for 9/11, and was a key member of the Project for the New American Century. Woolsey is also adamantly against WikiLeaks and Julian Assange, and when I confrontedhim about Operation Mockingbird in 2011, he lied through his teeth.

This all comes as a “hyped up” Senate hearing on alleged Russian hacking failed to lead to any concrete evidence. While there was no evidence presented confirming that the Russian government was involved in the U.S. election, they did provide information on some Ukrainian malware code, which could have been purchased by anyone anonymously online.

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper added to the fear campaign on Thursday, when he testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee, and said that the alleged Russian interference went far beyond a cyberattack.

“While there has been a lot of focus on the hacking, this is actually part of a multifaceted campaign that the Russians mounted,” Clapper told the committee.

In addition to all of the disinformation, we’re learning that the FBI is blaming Russia when they haven’t even examined the DNC servers, and instead relied on a report produced by a DNC contractor.

What we’re seeing is very clear. We’re seeing the CIA, a clandestine group that has committed horrible atrocities all over the world in secret, versus Donald Trump, a very strong personality who has not backed down. There will be a confrontation, and we will be covering exactly what happens when these two forces collide.

What do you think about this story, and what elements do you think are being overlooked or ignored? Let us know in the comments section!

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What You Need To Know About The Latest Russian Hacking Hysteria

In this video, Luke Rudkowski covers the latest breaking news related to the alleged Russian hacking of the U.S election that got Donald Trump elected. We go over and simplify the entire story so you can get an understanding of how this is not really a hacking story as much as it is someone finding out passwords stories. For more info like this invest in us on and keep independent media alive, since we are getting screwed by the powers that be.

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My Sources are everywhere..
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Russia Calls Out CNN For Propagating ‘Fake News’ In Response To U.S. Sanctions

When CNN began circulating the rumors that Russia would retaliate against recent sanctions from the United States by closing an American School in Moscow and a U.S. embassy vacation house, Russia’s foreign ministry was quick to call the mainstream media out for broadcasting “fake news.”

You should not write that ‘Moscow denied…. Or Moscow will not…’ Write as it is: ‘The CNN TV channel and other Western media have again spread false information citing official American sources,'” Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova wrote in a Facebook post on Friday.

While mainstream media outlets like CNN cited anonymous U.S. officials who reportedly claimed that the Anglo American School of Moscow would be closed by Russia to retaliate against the U.S., the school announced that it will open after winter break as scheduled, following Zakharova’s post.

The article from CNN boasted the title, White House announces retaliation against Russia: Sanctions, ejecting diplomats.” It opened with a summary of the sanctions imposed by President Obama, which include expelling 35 Russian diplomats and shutting down two Russian compounds.

Russia’s cyber activities were intended to influence the election, erode faith in US democratic institutions, sow doubt about the integrity of our electoral process, and undermine confidence in the institutions of the US government. These actions are unacceptable and will not be tolerated.”

The irony of the matter comes from the fact that by reporting false information and justifying it by using vague, anonymous U.S. officials as sources, CNN is helping to further erode the public’s faith in both the media and the U.S. government.

It’s a lie,” Zakharova wrote. “It appears the White House has completely lost its mind and is now coming up with sanctions against their own children.”

The cause of the highly disgruntled tone can be deduced to agitation stemmed from the hypocrisy of the “fake news” narrative being directed at Russia, and propagated by western mainstream media outlets.

And the fake news machine continues,” Forbes Contributor Kenneth Rapoza wrote. “Only this time, its from some fast and furious typing by CNN reporters regarding Russian retaliatory sanctions against the U.S.”

The “fake news” narrative imposed on the public by the mainstream media stems from that claims that Russia has been deliberately endorsing, funding and distributing news articles that are false and intended to mislead the American public into distrusting their governmental institutions and elected officials.

This notion has been extorted by branding practically every major alternative media outlet as a fake news site, attempting to shun any dissenting journalist who possesses the integrity to stray from the official narrative if that narrative is misleading, and worthy of contradiction.

The agenda to eliminate alleged disinformation was popularized by the Washington Post, which based its article off of research gathered by four sources, including a website called “Propornot,” which published a list of 200 alternative news outlets that the organization viewed to be, whether intentional or not, purveyors of Russian propaganda. Ironically, this list was later dismissed by many major media outlets as “fake news” and a form of propaganda all unto itself.

[RELATED: The ministry of truth that resulted from this misconceived list]

Propornot interprets the propaganda network by stating, While Russian influence operations resemble a marketing effort in some ways, only a few dozen individual outlets (‘sources’) actually produce large amounts of original propaganda content. That content is then echoed, extended, and amplified through an immense number of secondary sites (‘repeaters’),” implicating that many of these so-called fake news networks are unintentionally distributing Russian propaganda.

Propornot is advocating for the boycotting of the news outlets listed as well as other forms of activism that could dissuade citizens from reading from the fabricated list of “fake news” sources, which includes yours truly, We Are Change.

While Propornot’s “call to action” on their website lists things such as “Familiarize yourself with this project,” and “join us on Reddit,” it does not include anything that would encourage readers to use their own critical thinking to decide whether or not a story contains “fake news.”

Propornot’s practice of ignoring significant details seems to be the same approach that many mainstream media outlets have adopted in their war on disinformation. Breaking down the contradicting narrative and covering the entirety of the evidence used to support the dissenting claim should rationally be the method used to combat fake news. The closest notion to that being to cherry-pick articles apparently supportive of Russia, and to apply that interpretation to the news organization as a whole, “Look for ridiculous pro-Russian articles and posts on their favorite sites, and ask them: “What exactly is that doing there!?

CNN offers additional advice on identifying fake news in an article titled “Here’s how to outsmart fake news in your Facebook feed,” which begins by outlining the different types of fake news, and addressing the need to “hone your fact-checking skills.”

Elaborating on the latter, the CNN article says, Alexios Mantzarlis trains fact-checkers for a living. He says it’s important to have a ‘healthy amount of skepticism’ and to think, really think, before sharing a piece of news.”

The article goes on to list 10 questions one should ask when determining if an article is propaganda or not. The reader can go on to view the entirety the list himself, but the fifth entry is particularly important. The fifth question CNN poses when deciding whether or not an article is propaganda is “Does the article cite primary sources?”.

To put this question into context of CNN’s latest reporting blunder, let it be re-acknowledged that CNN cited an anonymous U.S. official as the source of the invalid claim that the Russian government was to shut down the Anglo-American school of Moscow as well as the U.S. embassy’s vacation house in Serebryany Bor. This claim was, of course, later dismissed by the Russian government as false.

Wait…how can news sourced from the U.S. government be false? Well for starters, the government stopped trying to hide the fact that they intentionally deceive the public when Congress legalized the use of propaganda on the American people in an updated version of the National Defense Authorization Act passed in 2012.

Although, after Operation Mockingbird, the Gulf of Tonkin incident, the Iraq War and the repeated lies concerning the mass surveillance operations undertaken by the NSA, the fact that the government lies to the public should not raise too many eyebrows.

What does this implicate in the credibility of U.S. governmental sources? It is not a falsehood to state that the U.S. government has blatantly admitted to lying to the public, going as far as to put it into law.

Fact checker Alexios Mantzarlis was onto something in emphasizing the importance of having a “healthy amount of skepticism” and to, as CNN writes, “really, really think” before sharing a piece of news. Considering anonymous U.S. sources lying—that we know of—to to the public has already dragged the country into two wars (Vietnam and Iraq), one should question how much faith we can reasonably accredit to future anonymous governmental sources.

The Russian government is continuing to deny its involvement in propagating “fake news,” reciprocating the allegations back on the accusers as careless journalistic standards continue to back-fire on the mainstream media outlets propagating this narrative.

Furthermore, one can argue that the U.S. government blatantly lying to its citizens is inherently a greater source of distrust in governmental bodies and institutions than Russia’s propagation of the fact of the matter. Lastly, no, WeAreChange is not comprised of Putin-worshiping journalists or paid Russian propagandists, but rather a compilation of truth-seekers and aspiring journalists who strive to report the truth and nothing but the truth, whether it fits the mainstream narrative or not. 

Student intern who writes for We Are Change
Has lived in the city of Miami, the mountains of Virginia, the swamps of South Carolina, and the city of Wilmington, on the coast of North Carolina.
Writes on current events, politics, and anything else worthy of news coverage
Experience: Life

How Far The West Has Fallen: Media Ignore WRC New Zealand Journalist Seeking Asylum In Russia

She is one of the most accomplished independent New Zealand journalists on the international stage, but most New Zealanders have never heard of her. We Are Change investigative reporter Suzie Dawson is a renowned journalist whose work has been recommended by a Pulitzer Prize winner, Hollywood celebrities and WikiLeaks. She is presently living in Russia, awaiting a decision on her application for temporary asylum.

Dawson has written for a number of American and European mainstream and alternative media outlets over the years and her photos, videos and social media commentary has been featured in dozens of others. She may be the first NZ journalist ever to seek asylum—certainly the first to do so in Russia—yet despite her having been amplified by countless media organizations and public figures like WikiLeaks, Kim Dotcom, Russell Brand, Glenn Greenwald, John Cusack, Roseanne Barr, Bianca Jagger and more, media in New Zealand have so far completely ignored her achievements, her persecution by intelligence agencies opposed to her work and her plea for asylum in Russia. By all appearances, New Zealand media have been complicit in a full blackout on her entire situation.

The abysmal state of media freedom in New Zealand hasn’t gone unnoticed. Kim Dotcom has publicly called out ex-Prime Minister John Key for it, who unexpectedly stepped down in December 2016 after a seven year reign, and WikiLeaks have been bringing attention to Dawson’s work and the divide between the corporate and alternative media sphere in New Zealand for years.

So why is Dawson seeking asylum? It stems from her fearless approach to journalism; digging as deep as she can and exposing the corruption of her government. Her early interest in the FBI raid on Kim Dotcom and the revelations of the illegal spying on him by the GCSB (New Zealand’s NSA counterpart – one fifth of the ‘Five Eyes’) gave her post-Occupy work a firm focus on the illegal activities of Western intelligence agencies. Her relentless support for WikiLeaks gave her a natural interest in whistleblowers and whistleblowing activities. Because of this, Dawson has etched in her Twitter bio: “Real journalists whistleblow every time they write.”

Dawson’s “baptism by fire” was as an Occupy Auckland media team member who covered Occupy and other activism events in New Zealand, starting in 2011.

Whether it was Occupy that first brought her to the attention of the intelligence agencies (which is likely) or her campaign against the Government Communications Security Bureau, known as the GCSB, (Dawson was the #1 influencer in a social media campaign against the spy agency that went viral in New Zealand) is yet to be determined. But recent revelations leading to her asylum claim indicate that Suzie Dawson may have been one of at least 88 New Zealanders who were illegally surveilled by the New Zealand spy agencies in conjunction with the NSA.

In addition to being spied on, she was also targeted for harassment and sabotage and threatened on numerous occasions. Dawson’s media team coordinator in New Zealand confirmed the harassment and threats on Occupy Auckland activists and its media in an interview in November, noting that this could happen to anyone anywhere in the world:

“Personally I was harassed, I would be picked up at will by the police, interrogated, harassed, even when I had my son, which was not very cool, and a few other things as well. Another one of our media team members, she pretty much lost her house, had her dog taken off her and impounded, faced jail time, harassment by the police. Another one of our media team members, he actually identified when we got evicted, the fact that several police officers were wearing the same CIB, which is the police identification badge, and he really pushed this story out along with us. He lost his house, lost his relationship and then was put into a custodial position within a hospital. What I saw with Suzie is that she was targeted, she was followed, she had private investigators coming after her, she was trailed, her communications… the list just goes on and on and on. I remember later on in the piece, there was a huge event, you may or may not remember this, it was called the Moment of Truth. It was run by the Internet Party and Kim Dotcom and basically they were coming out swinging against our current government and the GCSB which is the international spy agency which is part of the Five Eyes and Echelon. Saying that New Zealanders were being spied on illegally. They had Julian Assange speak on livestream and also Edward Snowden. That very night [leading up to the event] Suzie had been really concerned that she was being targeted and harassed so she came and sought refuge with me because it was a safe space. She did an interview that night with Perthtones, [the interview is posted] on another blog, I remember quite clearly that things were going awry and it wasn’t the first time I had seen it. The whole time, during our first few months to a couple of years, that I’d known Suzie, she was never really one to stand up and be like ‘look at me’. She always used to hide from the camera if I was livestreaming, always made me do all the interviews, which I didn’t mind because I loved playing with the mainstream media. This is just how it is. So I’ve never seen her as being a person wanting or seeking attention, it’s just the way that things have come full circle that she’s had to really fight for her freedom. Simple. And she’s had to come out and go ‘I’m here, I’m doing this, I need to be safe.”

Another member of her media team, Lyn Ny, also stepped forward in an interview to back up Dawson’s claims, including those of car tampering and road incidents that were tantamount to attempts on her life:

“Suzie was thrown in the deep end… I watched Suzie arrive at Occupy green and immerse herself and take the penalty that goes with it. Her personal life became public and she rose to the challenge and became a fantastic journalist and advocate for change. It drew a big target on her arse! … Suzie was integral to the media team… it wouldnt have been as effective without her… Suzie was definitely targeted… because she was effective. The internet expose springs to mind. Her family home, car and all other details are probably still available on the internet for the world to see thanks to that crap. That definitely endangered Suzie and her family. We were all watched electronically and physically. Some of us were given special attention from Police and Council … any opportunity to make life difficult was exploited against us. I know her car was messed with and we both had road events that were threatening and unsettling. Its hard to say categorically that someone was trying to kill us but someone was certainly trying to tell us they could… I dont think they would mind if they ran her off the road and killed her or the kids and I wouldnt be surprised if that was their aim… [Suzie] was targeted specially for her high profile in media in NZ. I know she was because ALL high profile occupiers were given special attention. She was more vulnerable in some ways than me… young kiddies make you more vulnerable. And she was more publicly visible and therefore more effective. This meant more effort went into trying to shut her down, move her out of Occupy or out of town, or, as it turned out, out of the country… “

When asked if the political situation in New Zealand has improved, Lyn Ny responded:

“No… it’s worse. Many times worse. Those who are still effective as activists are discouraged by any means possible. It is deadly dangerous to speak against the government.”

Double-platinum New Zealand rock musician and music television host Chris Yong, who stood as a candidate for Kim Dotcom’s Internet Party of New Zealand in 2014, also came forward to express his support.

“The truth is something that I feel really strongly about. I know Suzie as a good friend and I respect what she does as a journalist so that’s why I’m there for her. Someone has to be brave enough to back someone like Suzie, to share what’s going on and let people know.”

Since she left New Zealand, Dawson’s work has continued. She analyzed legal documents relating to the Patriot Act’s Section 215 and Edward Snowden’s revelations, wrote an investigative piece about then-Prime Minister John Key’s ties to the Panama Papers and followed up her work on the movement against the TPPA in New Zealand by covering a 250,000+ person rally in Berlin against the TTIP.

In December, Dawson released an exclusive interview with Kim Dotcom who claimed that New Zealand will be rocked by a 2TB leak of government data in 2017, and she recently began analyzing the SIDToday Files from the Snowden archives published by The Intercept. Part One and Part Two of the “hidden gems” discovered by Dawson have been published on We Are Change. We recently took the opportunity to talk to Suzie about her experiences and her application for asylum.

Our Exclusive Interview with exiled Kiwi journalist Suzie Dawson is below:

WRC: While being harassed what happened to you?

Suzie: “Unfortunately the targeting of me escalated from being followed and spied on 24/7, harassed and constantly interfered with, to receiving death threats, and then in 2014 several actual attempts on my life. That is why I had to leave New Zealand. What happened to me, why, who did it and how is all covered in detail in my documentary ‘Diary of a Person of Interest’ which I released for free on Vimeo and YouTube.”

WRC: Why did you choose Russia for asylum?

Suzie: “The targeting and surveillance of me continued after I left New Zealand and followed me through a host of countries. The harassment and interference didn’t stop until I got out of NATO territories. I didn’t choose Russia for asylum, it was just where I happened to already be when I received answers back to Privacy Act requests I had made of the New Zealand intelligence agencies. The nature and particulars of their responses seemed to dramatically increase the likelihood that I am in fact one of the New Zealand citizens who was illegally spied on by them and whose data was passed to the National Security Agency. This, along with unfolding events in New Zealand (continuing legislative measures to increase powers for the spy agencies, including the ability to revoke the passports and/or citizenship of targets) led me to believe that it was extremely risky for me to travel. Subsequently, I applied for asylum.”

WRC: Did you consider any other countries for asylum?

Suzie: “My situation was not one where I picked a country for asylum. Circumstances and timing of events outside of my control selected for me. My situation has progressively gotten more and more serious over the course of five years. It has been a slow escalation. Earlier this year, a non-violent, peaceful movement that I have been associated with was branded a threat to national security. In August, TVNZ and The Intercept revealed the name of the first of the 88 people targeted. He was a non-violent democratic activist and his passport was revoked by the government. By the time I received the responses from the spy agencies in September and applied for asylum, my legal advice was that there was a real risk that I may also have my passport cancelled, as had happened to others who have been targeted by the New Zealand and US Governments, and that if it was cancelled, that they would likely wait until I was in transit to do so, leaving me in a legal and physical grey zone. Especially as I have two young children, for us to be effectively stateless and stuck in an airport somewhere would present an unacceptable risk to us. It was on that basis that I claimed asylum.”

WRC: What’s your biggest story you have ever written in your opinion?

Suzie: “It is hard to quantify my ‘biggest’ story. Biggest in terms of reach is probably the handful of stories that WikiLeaks has shared. Each of those are stories that are consequential to that organisation or historically significant in their own right and them sharing my work on each occasion they have, has had a really big impact for me. Biggest in terms of hits was where I revealed that I had been targeted by the FBI agent ‘Sabu’. That article got over 100,000 hits. Biggest in terms of consequence is probably the series of articles I wrote called ‘The Weaponising of Social‘ which was an in-depth 4-part investigation comprising over 20,000 words, into the allegations against the tech expert and activist Jacob Applebaum. I was the first in the world to write a long form analysis of the case and my findings caused a huge response in the activism community and particularly among European media outlets, several of whom picked up where I left off and undertook their own investigations into the affair, with similar findings. My biggest pieces in terms of geopolitical consequence would also be the closest to my heart – my pieces ‘The Desecration of New Zealand‘ about what has been done to my country by the powers that be, ‘The Agenda to Destabilise Europe‘ about the Libyan War creating the refugee crisis and the reasons that powerful American factions want to bring an end to the Schengen Zone, and my most recent long-form opus which is probably the most significant piece I’ve ever written in my opinion, called ‘Understanding World War III‘, an in-depth historical analysis of the preconditions that lead to World Wars.”

WRC: Why did you want to join WRC over joining a mainstream outlet or other alternative media outlet?

Suzie: “We Are Change are like family to me – because like me, WRC’s genesis was in the Occupy movement and many of their writers and founder Luke Rudkowski are former Occupiers. I can’t think of any outlet better suited to me in terms of where we’ve come from, our relentless thirst for truth, belief in the power and importance of independent media and our methods of dissemination. I am extremely proud to be working with you guys.”

WRC: If your asylum application is successful what does that mean for you? 

Suzie: “If I am granted temporary asylum it means that I will be able to live free from persecution and harassment by those who oppose my journalism. I will be able to work and earn money legally in Russia, which I presently cannot. It means we will legally be able to reside here and my children will be able to go to school. It will give us a chance at resuming a semblance of a normal life. That was ripped from us by the NZ and US government and at the present moment we are still in limbo.”

WRC: What’s your advice to others in NZ and elsewhere in the U.S. being targeted and harassed be it by direct energy weapons or physically having things happen to them like their homes broken into, tires slashed etc?

Suzie: “My advice to other targets is to be really up front about what is happening to you, be open about it, be public about it and be visible. And ask for help. Resist becoming angry or aggressive in response to the attacks on you. Resist becoming isolated, let the general public be aware of what is happening and why (if you know why). I think the first years in which I worked anonymously online provided a cover for the people who were hurting me. It is a lot harder for them to persecute you once you are in the public eye. Obviously, it won’t stop them entirely – Julian Assange being the classic example. He is being tortured to death in front of our eyes and not enough is being done about that. But he is also achieving incredible advances in human social evolution and in the information sciences and historically that has always come at a price for those with the courage to push humanity forward in a better direction.”

WRC: You told me before that they canceled your credit cards/debit cards and this is something that several sources of mine have alleged over the years as being a harassment technique for targeting individuals. How did you work your way around this?

Suzie: “My cards and internet banking access were periodically frozen and very difficult to get reinstated. I was stranded with no access to funds several times. Each time, my bank claimed that it was an algorithm doing it and that it was a consequence of the “Anti-Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism Act” that had been instituted in New Zealand and many Western countries in the wake of 9/11. Needless to say, I am neither a money launderer nor a financier of terrorism and of course, we now know that it is the United States themselves who have been funding and arming terrorists, without any apparent sanctions being applied to them for it. It seems that the anti-terrorism legislation, like anti-terrorism resources, have been used to suppress dissent and to target activists and journalists more so than to stop actual terrorism, which is clearly being fuelled by the support of major states such as the USA and other NATO factions. Since I have applied for asylum, the interference with my bank accounts has stopped. Which again seems to indicate that once light is shed on the perpetrators, it becomes much more difficult for them to harass us under these false pretexts.”

WRC: What’s it like as a New Zealander living in Russia?

Suzie: “The reaction of local people here when I tell them we are from New Zealand is overwhelmingly positive. New Zealand was a politically independent country for many decades and comparatively few people know the extent to which it was utterly subjugated by the United States economically, politically, environmentally and militarily in the period 2008 – 2016. So it still enjoys a really good international reputation, probably better than it deserves. Russia itself is phenomenal and nothing like I ever heard or expected. In the West we are taught all kinds of horrible things about Russia that simply don’t add up once you experience it in person. Moscow in particular is cultured, well developed, enormous, friendly, and very safe by comparison to the streets of Auckland where I am from. The food is incredible. The people are wholesome, cultured and subtle in their nuances and I am really enjoying learning Russian language.”

WRC: What’s it like living the real life movie of the “Enemy Of The State?”

Suzie: “The ‘Enemy of the State’ analogy is a good one. When I watched the movie I thought it was just a great yarn. A fairy tale. I didn’t realise how many of the methods of oppression depicted in the movie were in fact ‘tools of the trade’ employed by intelligence agencies against targets in real life. The truth is, it is scary. It is daunting. It is oppressive. You feel like you may never escape it. You become conditioned to it. You become extremely disillusioned about the state of the world and the state of humanity, that such things can be done to suburban housewives rather than murderers or rapists or actual terrorists. But ultimately, every Empire that has employed such systems of oppression has fallen and fallen hard. This kind of tyranny is not sustainable forever. I once wrote that “it is from within the ranks of the system itself that we shall be emancipated” and whistleblowers like Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden and others yet to come, are the proof of that. Those within the system itself, do not approve of what they see the system is doing to us and they are acting on their conscience. The current global balance of power will change and the oppressors will become the oppressed. That is karma. As it comes, so it goes. There will be an accounting.”

WRC: WikiLeaks has been a huge proponent of your journalism constantly sharing your work have you sought any advice from them or asked for help from them to spread your own story?

Suzie: “Because of being targeted by the same powers who I write about, my story became inseparable from my reporting, and WikiLeaks’ sharing of my work dates back years. So in this way, by amplifying my work, they have already been sharing my story. Had they not given me the visibility they did, I may never have made it out of New Zealand at all. For that I credit them with our lives. There is much talk of whether WikiLeaks endangers lives but very little talk of the lives that they save. In my opinion, WikiLeaks are life-savers. I did apply to Courage, but Courage is a tiny organization with nowhere near enough resources or funding and we are all to blame for that. Ultimately if people want to see me or others like me getting support from Courage, they will have to step up and support Courage. Courage are currently doing a donations drive for core funding that is desperately needed – anyone that is reading this who is willing to make a contribution please do so here.”

WRC: Do you have anybody you would like to thank for supporting you all these years?

Suzie: “It’s a big ask to say to people “hey, there are billion-dollar agencies trying to destroy my life” and expect them to leap up and help you. But I have been really impressed and surprised by how many people have done exactly that. So I would like to thank everyone who has been brave enough to acknowledge my situation, to read and share my work, to give me the platform and visibility that I need in order to make these agencies think twice about what they’re doing to me, and to make me significant enough that I have a chance at protection and sanctuary. Many targets of these agencies never get that chance. They are quietly killed and no one ever knows any different. They count on being able to operate under cover. The more light that is shined directly on me, the better chance I have at surviving to continue telling truth, serving the interests of everyday people in my country and still being here for my family.”

WRC: Thank you Suzie for doing this interview and we wish you the best. Thank you for being a part of We Are Change. 

The media blackout about Dawson’s case is unlikely to be able to hold much longer. Despite the best efforts of governments and conventional media organizations to suppress her work and silence her, the cat is well and truly out of the bag. Dawson’s press release about her application for asylum has hundreds of organic shares on it, her documentary is accruing thousands of views without any media acknowledgment whatsoever, and her journalism continues to reach a wider audience on a daily basis.

Yet another clue to why Suzie has been so heavily targeted is that more than a year prior to Snowden’s disclosures she was quoted in an interview saying this:

Like the United States, New Zealand has become yet another country that persecutes media and whistleblowers to a degree where they are forced to seek sanctuary from the persecution in order to save their very lives. Once that fact gets out to the global public, this is going to be a huge story that the powers that be can no longer keep a lid on.

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