WeAreChange and Don King go at it @ #ows

American boxing promoter Don King at Occupy Wall Street 10/25/2011

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  • D.

    Don King is a clown. His meaningless rhetoric is outdated and obsolete at this point. This “I’m black so I understand the man more than you do” concept is laughable. We are all struggling.

  • Joe Fam

    Some times i think you can be a jack …
    and some times you are right on the money!

  • Fidel Castro

    I don’t see this movement as a political party because political party seeks control or power; however, I would like some mission statement or something written that state a purpose of our cause. Not only that, it will give us some unity and direction. I feel like everyone else wants to tell us what this movement is about but there is no concrete agenda. What are we really accomplishing? Do we want an end to capitalism or do we want to end the global corporate capitalism to stop being involved in government? Do we want politicians to be fired if they gain money from lobbyists or other influences from corporations? Do we want to end American exploitation of foreign countries oversea that we persuaded the ideas of modernity and development that if they accept, they will be happier and wealthier? Do we want to reinstall what is true democracy and not a representative democracy?

  • Investigate NWO/globalists

    Come on Don King, just because Obama is 1/2 black doesn’t mean he’s any different from the Bush/Cheney regime!

    Furthermore, let’s stop all this white/black divisiveness, which is really used to divide & concur us!

  • lance

    HUH? What??? I dont even understand this guy..

  • Dwight Sept

    I agree with much of what Don King has to say.

    Our leaders are in the spotlight, but they do not make decisions alone.

    The powers that direct them want us focused on them rather than on the direction they are being pushed and who is doing the pushing.

    Transparent government would allow the people access to the tools needed to make a directed response to our leadership.

    Democracy and socialism will ultimately fail if the general public cannot monitor and direct the process.

  • JediPatriot

    What a racist. “You can tell that to the white man.” Wow. What a racist.

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