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“Us vs. Them” by Cahill vs. Kalma

“Us vs. Them” by Cahill vs. Kalma Video by Dylan Avery British Petroleum…planned out the explosion… They disabled the alarms…after they dumped their investments. Never let a crisis go to waste…take advantage of the opportunity today. Convince the population to obey…as the culprits pose as the saviors… As they’ll save… Us…Us…vs…Them…Them…as we, all join together. And I…I…am losing my mind…‘cause we’ve all got to be there… For each other sometimes… Black water up to your neck…hold you down ‘til you take your last breath. No rules, no consequence…just more and more no bid contracts. They want to ethnically cleanse...

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Cahill vs. Kalma Debut Album Out Now!

The debut album by Cahill vs. Kalma is an extremely ambitious, experimental and emotionally powerful album recorded in NYC between 2013 thru 2016. The album has a wide array of musical styles including pop, hard rock, gypsy jazz, new wave & more. The concept album’s story focuses on dualism found in nature and the world, life vs. death, robots vs. humans, analog vs. digital, acoustic vs. electric, Cahill vs. Kalma. Cahill vs. Kalma now available on CD, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and more. Purchase a physical CD using your credit card or PayPal: Cahill vs. Kalma Produced by Dave...

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REVIEW: ‘Cahill vs. Kalma’ pits man against machine with surprisingly symbiotic results

REVIEW: ‘Cahill vs. Kalma’ pits man against machine with surprisingly symbiotic results Written by Dustin Schoof True artists take risks, even in the face of uncertainty. After spending years fronting power rock trio The Almighty Terribles, singer-songwriter and guitarist Dave Cahill tunes in to a much different frequency on his new concept album, Cahill vs. Kalma (due out Oct. 31). The result is a fascinating, sci-fi sonic collision between Cahill (who provides the “human” perspective of the narrative, along with vocals and guitar) and fellow multi-instrumentalist Brian “Kalma” Herman (the “robotic” voice in the equation); The Matrix meets Her, scored by Gary...

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Cahill vs. Kalma “Future Shock” brand new song out now!

“Future Shock” by Cahill vs. Kalma New song available now! Get it at iTunes, Google Play or BandCamp “Future Shock” ©2015 Dave Cahill / Brian Herman A.I… Designed… To trap all of you, inside your hives. Divine… Blood lines… The serpents hide, behind their best disguises…from you. What if all of this is just a simulation? Get down on your knees and beg for your salvation… I, want to be stronger…I want to live longer than anyone’s…ever lived before. Upgrade… Crusade… Adjust and modify your DNA. Betrayed…and… Surveyed… Your secrets are numbered in a database…at the NSA. What if...

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Plastic Lawyer Candidate destined to be historic protest song

Check out this great review by Larry Sinclair Recently I had the privilege of seeing and talking with Dave Cahill and Dave asked if I would listen to and write a review of his latest single Plastic Lawyer Candidate. For those who are not familiar with Dave allow me to introduce him to you. I first met Dave on the 4th of July 2012 in Kintnersville, PA after watching him perform in some of the most grueling heat and sun which was hitting him directly. I teased him about how the sun reflecting off of his red sunglasses as...

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New song from Dave Cahill vs Kalma

  “Too Much of a Good Thing” by Cahill vs Kalma is now available! The first single titled “Too Much of a Good Thing” from the soon to be released debut album from Cahill vs Kalma now available via iTunes for 99 cents or for free via, as well as on youtube!   Listen to the song below: “Too Much of a Good Thing” by Cahill vs Kalma Dave Cahill – Guitar, Vocals, Bass, Noise Kalma – Drums, Bass, Guitar, Noise Produced by Dave Cahill & Brian Herman Engineered by Brian...

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