Author: Luke Rudkowski

CBS News Caught Lying And Slandering WeAreChange And Free Speech

The main stream media has yet again been caught doing lazy journalism with their recent attack on alternative media and free speech with another hit piece this morning. This is not the only problem this independent news organization faces as WeAreChange was just issued a legal notice from our ad company about being labeled fake news with a verified sourced documented article. As our numbers are demised and the establishment is hell bent on stopping anyone speaking the truth we need your help more then ever on

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My Time in the Desert – A Human Experience at Burning Man

Ohhh Burning Man, that time of year where your social media is inundated with photos and videos spreading FOMO all over the internet of 70,000 who got wild in the desert. That’s why in this post I think it would be good to share my experiences and some misconceptions about this one event that I’m having a hard time even categorizing myself. Ultimately, Burning Man is what you as a person make it. It could be an all-night raving drug-fest It could be a belligerently drunk asshole-fest. It could be an art gallery fest. It could be a 1%...

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