Sunday, June 5, activists of the Baltimore Is Everywhere movement affiliated with Black Lives Matter (BLM) organized a nationwide #BlacksAgainstHillary event on Facebook. The goal was to express disapproval with the candidacy of Mrs. Clinton as the presidential nominee for the Democratic Party and to support Bernie Sanders as the person who is able to solve the problems of Black Americans.

Those who participated in the event changed their profile photos to #BlacksAgainstHillary graphic and posted this hashtag on their pages. That day there were about one hundred people who joined the initiative on Facebook, about the same number of users supported it on Twitter.

The President of the National Association against Police Brutality (NAAPB) Johnathan Newton also supported the initiative by posting the welcoming statement on the page of his organization.


“Bernie Sanders more closely represents the core beliefs of the Democratic party and myself… Our party is supposed to nominate a person who represents the ideas and beliefs of everyday Americans, I think Mrs. Clinton would be an excellent choice for the Republican Nomination,” he wrote.

By late Tuesday the number of hashtags for #BlacksAgainstHillary reached one thousand thanks to support of Mr. Newton and some social media activists, showing that Hillary Clinton doesn’t have such a firm support as she had previously especially among young Black Americans.

The event was held a few months after the conflict between a Black Lives Matter member and Hillary Clinton. On February 24, a young BLM activist Ashley Williams and her colleague interrupted the Democratic presidential candidate at a private fundraiser. They wanted Mrs. Clinton to apologize for the statements she made back in 1996 when called young Black kids ‘super-predators’. “I’m not a ‘super predator’, Hillary Clinton,” Ashley Williams said.

The Baltimore Is Everywhere movement was created by young Black social media activists in May 2015. Its goal is to coordinate efforts of different human rights activists all over the country. The movement closely cooperates with regional BLM organizations and National Association against Police Brutality.