That Answer THREE Guccifers ONE imprisoned TWO on the loose, Wikileaks, the Russian President Vladimir Putin, Several SS Agents and the Scooby Doo Investigation Team Sorry i Mean FBI. Way too Many to even count on your fingers and toes combine.


Hillary keeps stacking up her crimes as everything is laying bare hackers got curious and breached the DNC server. The FBI is encircling her slowly with its Email investigation, Wikileaks Promises “to leak enough information that will indict Hillary Clinton.” And its Founder Julian Assange has released an “Insurance File” that potentially has more Hillary Clinton Data on it possibly of Guccifer’s DNC Hack as Collateral to get her Indicted but Now theirs More the Clinton Fraudation has been Hacked by a THIRD UNKNOWN Guccifer.

Three Guccifers, One Captured now known as Marcel Lehel Lazar the Original Guccifer about to testify against Hillary because he made a deal with the FBI.

The other an online vigilante modern day comic book hero using Guccifer’s moniker who goes by the alias Guccifer 2.0.  The Last is an Unknown Guccifer who has yet to make his appearance. Hacker reveals corrupt politician, corrupt politician goes to prison.


Then comes the FBI, Sounds like something you would read in a spider-man comic. So ill call all these Guccifers Spiderman swinging from web to web as fast as they can Get it? Except they’re in the cyber web of the internet, hunting for exploits on a server to get to the bad guys instead of on the streets. But a modern day super hero none the less, revealing wrongdoing.

It seems, Hillary is not going to have a good week this week, its going to be rough. One might call it karma for all her crimes list at the bottom of this article. She can now add election rigging and media collusion bribery? to that long list with the DNC leak by Guccifer 2.0
How the Democratic National Convention Rigged the Primaries in favor of her and colluded with the media.
Hackers have Already begun Leaking a lot of information from the DNC’s servers including donators financial information Which was summarized nicely by the smokingun. Guccifer 2.0 first revealed himself to the world on June, 15th, 2016. and Now the Clinton Foundation has been hacked amid Guccifer 2 publishing a vulnerability list on the Clinton foundation.

They are revealing corruption something the FBI has failed to find in Hillary’s investigation despite it being in their faces. News flash FBI just turn on the TV use the internet Google research? Despite her Blatantly “telling aides to delete classified tags and then send the  emails” then telling the Public I DID NOT HAVE CLASSIFIED RELATIONS WITH THAT SERVER! Oh and then wiping thus server “with a cloth.” Despite evidence that you committed obstruction of justice  because you read a book on “How to Securely Delete Emails” by David Shipley called: “Send: Why People Email So Badly and How to Do It Better” 





Hacking is not like the movies how you see some “hacker” type in a few words or slamming the keyboard unfortunately that’s not how real hacking works.

With Real hacking hackers look for vulnerabilities in servers software security holes to exploit and raise permission in files to gain access to root whats otherwise the administrative permission then ultimately  disguise themselves throughout a servers network on a given target’s server to infiltrate and blend in.

This sounds like the perfect ending to a big motion picture summer blockbuster film Hackers and Whistleblower bring down Hillary Clinton the Career Criminal. Coming to a living room near you this Summer.

Like that scene in Captain America Winter Soldier. Where the military mounts against “Hydra” in the end and arrest the members of hydra in congress after captain America and crew leak documents on the internet ultimately leading to Hydra’s demise and eventual arrest.

Government vigilante trapped in asylum and three Vigilantes bring down corrupt Career Politician with data. What a great idea for a hit movie dibs on trade-rights! Except its now our reality Its not only a thing that happens in the movies now folks, people are getting braver and braver whistle-blowers and hackers are stepping forward to aid in a collective goal that collective goal is to bring down and expose corrupt career politician Hillary Clinton.

Now Assange and wikileaks has left the Government with an Ultimatum,
Either indict Hillary or face the insurance file with more dirt on Hillary Clinton and potentially the U.S. Government. At least Assange doesn’t have to worry about being assassinated tho like Hillary’s other unfortunate made “friendemies” going all the way back from when she was First Lady of Arkansas involved in Whitewater as Gary Aldrich said.

“My name would be mud my FBI Career would be over, and i might even be in danger. If the stories coming Little Rock were true — about how so many enemies of the Clinton’s ended up having Fatal Accidents.”

~Gary Aldrich

Folks that’s an FBI Agent saying CRYPTICALLY  there is a high statistic of deaths surrounding the Clinton’s that’s extremely worrying.. he’s scared to do his job.


**Cough** Vince Foster, Jim McDougal and well.. here’s the list you decide for your self.

people just die


For more see the “Clinton hit list” which was leaked during the Monica Lewinski affair the Original list was left on Linda Tripps desk handwritten. She eventually handed it to Government watchdog Judicial Watch in December 1998. she claimed to saved Monica’s life by doing this.

The documents for the whitewater scandal were discovered at clinton’s residence with her finger prints a decade later.
So Hillary is not new to hiding evidence. Oh and that time with Sandy Berger too.. when he stole documents after being authorized by Bill Clinton ouch.

The WordPress was created after the DNC Securities company CrowdStrike announced its servers were breached by “Russian Orgin Hackers.”
In which the claimed single lone-Wolfe hacker says..

“Worldwide known cyber security company CrowdStrike announced that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) servers had been hacked by “sophisticated” hacker groups.

I’m very pleased the company appreciated my skills so highly))) But in fact, it was easy, very easy.

Guccifer may have been the first one who penetrated Hillary Clinton’s and other Democrats’ mail servers. But he certainly wasn’t the last. No wonder any other hacker could easily get access to the DNC’s servers.

Shame on CrowdStrike: Do you think I’ve been in the DNC’s networks for almost a year and saved only 2 documents? Do you really believe it?

The main part of the papers, thousands of files and mails, I gave to Wikileaks. They will publish them soon.

I guess CrowdStrike customers should think twice about company’s competence.

Fuck the Illuminati and their conspiracies!!!!!!!!! Fuck CrowdStrike!!!!!!!!!”
~Guccifer 2.0


Hillary emails

Guccifer2 then promised again on June 20th further leaks would happen on the DNC and a Dossier specifically on Hillary Clinton. He  followed through today and leaked 200+ Documents on Hillary Clinton that are encrypted with the hackers name #GucCi2/0.

This leak exposes Hillary’s lie that the speech she did for Goldman Sachs was $225K and “It’s what they offered.”

Documents show a less nicer side of Hillary Clinton,  and that her “standard” speaking fee was $225,000. She also required a private Gulfstream 450 jet a $40 million dollar aircraft. No exceptions for Queen Hillary!

Lets see what Secret service slaves sorry agents had to say about Hillary when they worked for her in the past?

“Good morning, ma’am,” a member of the uniformed Secret Service once greeted Hillary Clinton.

“F— off,” she replied.

“Hillary was very rude to agents, and she didn’t appear to like law enforcement or the military,” former Secret Service agent Lloyd Bulman recalls. “She wouldn’t go over and meet military people or police officers, as most protectees do. She was just really rude to almost everybody. She’d act like she didn’t want you around, like you were beneath her.”

Former agent Jeff Crane says, “Hillary would cuss at Secret Service drivers for going over bumps.” Another former member of her detail recollects, “Hillary never talked to us .?.?. Most all members of first families would talk to us and smile. She never did that.”

Now there is another Secret Service Agent Gary Bynres speaking up in his new book “CRISIS OF CHARACTER.”You can personally confirm for yourself this guy is who he say’s he is a Secret Service Agent who worked under Clinton by viewing this 1997, NYTimes Article in which his name comes up in the Monica Lewinsky case.

Things are just getting really bad for Hillary will she wiggle her way out of all this?

In any case Debbie Wasserman shultz looked pissed off having her and Hillary’s conspiracy to rig an election foiled.. And they would have gotten away with it too if it wasn’t for those 3 Guccifers, Judicial Watch, an organization for whistle-blowers WIKILEAKS, the Secret Service and that Big Grizzly Bear Russia.



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