Russia’s UN Ambassador Vitaly Churkin has been found dead due to a sudden heart attack his death marks the sixth death of a Russian official in the last 60 days, and the mainstream media is completely silent.

Churkin suffered from cardiac arrest while at the Russian Mission on East 67th Street, an anonymous U.S. government official said.

He was being taken to New York’s Presbyterian Hospital when he died en-route to the hospital.

Another anonymous source a federal law enforcement official said that there appeared to be nothing unusual about the ambassador’s death.

Churkin “would have been 65 tomorrow,” a Russian Foreign Ministry statement said.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said, “the outstanding Russian diplomat died while he was in his current working role.” And President Vladimir Putin “expressed sympathy to the friends and family as well as to the staff of the Russian Foreign Ministry,” the Kremlin said.

The Kremlin declined to comment on what the cause of Churkin’s death was adding that “the outstanding Russian diplomat passed away at his work post.”

Churkin served as Russia’s U.N. envoy since 2006 and forcefully defended Russia’s policies including defending Russia’s stance in Syria in 2012.

Thomson said Churkin would be remembered for “his great intellect and his consummate diplomatic skills, and for his good humor and consideration for others.”

Thomson added: “Not only has Russia lost one of its truest sons, but here at the United Nations, we’ve lost one of our truest.”

At the end of the moment of silence, Thomson said: “Rest in peace, dear Vitaly.”

The medical examiner has said that “the cause and manner of death of Russia’s ambassador to the United Nations needs to be studied further,” CBS reported.

“Further study usually includes toxicology and other screenings, which can take weeks. The case was referred to the medical examiner’s office by the hospital,” spokeswoman Julie Bolcer said.

This would mark the sixth mysterious death, in a few month’s time of Russian officials.

Churkin’s death follows the assassination of Russia’s ambassador to Turkey, Andrey Karlov, the death of another Russian diplomat, Russian Foreign Minister Peter Polshikov, found dead in his apartment shot in the head, the death of Russian Greece diplomat Andrey Malanin found in his bathroom, the death of Russia’s ambassador to India, Alexander Kadakin, who died at a hospital in India on Jan. 26 following a brief unspecified illness. Finally, we have the underreported death of Oleg Erovinkin, a former general in the KGB who was found dead in the back of his car in Moscow who was also linked to the Trump dossier report allegedly made by an ex-Mi6 agent Christopher Steele.

The Russian state-run RIA Novosti news agency reported Erovinkin’s body was “found in a black Lexus and a large-scale investigation has been commenced in the area. Erovinkin’s body was sent to the FSB morgue”.

But let’s go back further than the last 60 days then there is Sergei Krivov who was found on election day in November of 2016, Krivov was found just before 7 a.m. lying on the floor of the Russian Consulate in New York. He was found unconscious with an unidentified head wound brought on by ‘blunt force trauma,’ by the time emergency responders arrived, Krivov was dead.

Initial reports said that Krivov plunged to his death from the roof of the Consulate. That story was quickly changed to ‘he suffered a heart attack’ matching a similar narrative that was said for the death of Putin aide Mikhail Lesin in 2015.

If you go back a few months prior in September 2016, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s driver was killed too in a freak car accident while driving the Russian President’s official black BMW  to add to the insanity.

If you include these three additional deaths that’s a total of nine Russian officials that have died over the past 2 years that this writer personal knows of there could be more.

It’s worth noting that governments, specifically the CIA, have for long periods of time had chemical concoctions that can induce a full systematic shutdown of a person’s nervous system and in some cases cause someone’s’ heart to explode.

Former CIA employee Mary Embree discusses the infamous heart attack gun and how she was tasked with finding a chemical concoction that would cause a heart attack. The weapon was first made public during the Church Committee hearings in 1975 by former CIA director William Colby. It was said to be very lethal and untraceable, by using this weapon a murder is made to look natural while the poison dissolves in hours.

It seems highly unlikely and improbable to write off that six Russian officials would die in under 60 days in such an influx in various different mysterious ways without a catalyst. And let’s not forget RT founder and former Putin aide Mikhail Lesin was found dead in 2015 from a blunt weapon that was originally blamed on a heart attack so assassination can’t be taken off the table and ruled out in any of these cases. Turkey and Russia already accused NATO of a false flag attack killing Karlov the Russian-Turkish Ambassador. NATO also had a dead diplomat Yves Chandelon mysteriously die of a gunshot wound to the head in his car a week before the death of Karlov. Chandelon was the Chief Auditor in charge Of Counterterrorism funding.

“Turkey and Russia have the will not to be deceived by this false flag attack,” they said.

Don’t forget that on Christmas day, a Russian military jet went down over the Black Sea, killing 60 members of the Red Army choir and 33 others that just adds to the massive coincidence list.

On a final note, former acting director of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Michael Morell openly conspired to “covertly” kill Russians and Iranians in Syria in an August 2016 interview with Charlie Rose. While Morell was talking about killing Russian and Iranian soldiers it is definitely a strange piece to add to this puzzle.

Are we witnessing a battle between the deep state v.s. Russia in a spy v.s. spy theatrical play or is this all just a freak coincidence? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


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