Friday, January 15th, ushered in a 400 point plunge in the DOW Industrial Average, erasing the only gains seen this year. This instance has made this the fourth time in 2016 that it has plummeted at least, 300 points. This fact, considered with the lowest opening day in US history, is painting a very obvious picture…

Of course, those in the pathetic mainstream media, continue to downplay the ultimate reality – we are facing another collapse.

Yes, this is totally fine:


George Soros, who has been responsible for collapsing currencies, economies and countries as a whole. The fact he benefited from the 2008 crisis… has said that we are now in another ‘crisis’ reminiscent of 2008.

When an ‘elite’ (cesspit scum) declares we are now entering dangerous economic waters – we should be paying attention.

With oil playing an integral role in the slipping integrity of markets, Russia has responded to the lower oil prices, ahead of the currency war they are engaging with the United States.

China’s dwindling economic growth is also playing a role.

Here’s a picture of mainstream economic analysts, learning of this breaking news:


The We Are Change video below, was released last year, when the economy was on the verge of collapse in August, plummeting over 1000 points. For more information, click here.

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