Public support for Greece across Europe is predictable as other countries are suffering just as much, says Leonidas Chrysanthopoulos, a former Greek ambassador. It’s a message to EU leaders who have been distant from people they are supposed to serve.

RT: Are you surprised by the show of public support for Greece in many parts of Europe?

Leonidas Chrysanthopoulos: No, it was expected actually, because the other countries are suffering just as bad as we are particularly Portugal and Spain. So once we started this, let’s put it ‘revolution,’ and we are waking up the European people, it caught like wildfire. So this is a good solid support of the European people and I hope that this message is getting across to the leaders of the EU who have been far away from the people who they are supposed to serve all these years.

RT: Do you see a growing disconnect between Brussels-led austerity policies, and public opinion in EU nations?

LC:…It is their interest that is at stake, because if they continue this intransigence and this hard-line, then Greece can also play hard-line and we would just refuse to cooperate. And this of course might lead to a possible departure of Greece from the eurozone with all the negative consequences that it will have for Europe more than it would have for Greece. For Greece it will have in the long-term beneficial results.

RT: Are you optimistic that a compromise can be reached at Monday’s meeting?

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