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My research began, I googled and alas, found them… or him.. or her. They have a Web site that brings you to their networking pages, and their networking pages only display pictures of their works; no other information. No one taking any credit, no contact information. I inquired via Facebook if they would like to be interviewed, they declined and simply stated: “Only written interviews,” but forwarded me an e-mail, and informed me of an expo they were holding of their future and past works.

Near Union Square last night, through a side door, past a tall mysterious character and up an elevator, I entered the Brooklyn Brothers Gallery, where they were presenting TrustoCorp.

A large map of NYC was displayed on the wall, marking their territories with polaroid snapshots. Walls decorated with street signs old and new, billboards and even a fake shooting range where you can shoot a target poster of either a “Greedy Banker”, “Arrogant Rapper” or “D-List Socialite” in their “Shoot Art Not People” campaign.

Still, no sign of a specific group or person who was taking responsibilty for this wonderful art. Looking around, my group and I split to search for clues of who the genius (or genuises) may be. I decided to speak with the guy who was handling the “Shoot Art Not People” booth, I told him I was from RussiaToday and WeAreChange, described to him some of the work we do and how similar it is to theirs. I wrote down my email for him; he simply said “I will pass it along.”

According to their press release statement, TrustoCorp is “dedicated to highlighting the hypocrisy and hilarity of human behavior through sarcasm and satire. TrustoCorp targets areas in the public domain typically reserved for messages of trust and authority and abuses them with visual messages of mayhem and absurdity.”

Walking around town, whether that be in NYC, Miami, Philly, Detroit or San Francisco, be sure to keep an eye out for these signs. You may think it is a parking sign, but it actually may be a sign asking you not to wear your sunglasses at night. Kudos to TrustoCorp on their culture jamming and anonymity!

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