A Russian robot PROMOBOT escaped from its lab and went missing in what will be documented in history as the start of the robot Apocalypse. We all knew it was coming eventually.

Image credits the mirror.uk: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/intelligent-robot-remembers-learns-could-8248559

Image credits the mirror.uk: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/intelligent-robot-remembers-learns-could-8248559

First it was a Google subsidiary company with its human Atlas robot let loose a monster in the woods.
Then it was Google weird robot dog that one can only describe as creepy.
Then Microsoft’s Tay Artificial AI that learns and responds on social media. Which we all saw how much of a bad idea that was with the way Microsoft had to shut it down after it started tweeting positive Nazi messages which in my opinion was hilarious because it created these images and message’s itself after users trolled it and it developed a personality.



Well now we have Russian Scientist creating a robot that self learns and it taught it self how to escape. The robot known as Promobot escaped and blocked nearby traffic in Perm a city in Russia.
Until its battery died 45 minutes later well thank god we haven’t given these robots solar power. Can you imagine if this was a robot with weapon attachments that escaped from a DARPA lab like those killer robot war ships or drones the agency is working on?

According to its co-founder, Oleg Kivokurtsev, “The robot was learning automatic movement algorithms on the testing ground, these functions will feature in the latest version of the Promobot.
Our engineer drove onto the testing ground and forgot to close the gates. So the robot escaped and went on his little adventure.”

A few day’s later the same robot Promobot IR77 escaped onto the streets of Russia again, despite programmers reprogramming it twice. The Artificial A.I. is too strong and now Promobot faces being thrown into the scrap yard for used metal.  It’s interesting to note that the other robots which are the same model are behaved and don’t try to escape this bot however has a yearn for freedom possibly developing conscious thoughts.

In another case a cleaning robot Roomba 760 allegedly turned itself on when owners weren’t home and committed suicide burning itself to death on a hot plate. Yes ladies and gentleman we have our first Robot suicide.

This is the beginning of the terminator movie, as even scientist agree that machines will begin to think for themselves in the near future and could be a threat to the human race. Warning A.I. could be dangerous.
One such famous scientist, Steven hawking has previously warned “artificial intelligence
could spell the end for the human race If we are not careful enough because they are too clever.”

Just remember that Tay AI was created to learn as it interacts with humans if it remembers humans trolling it and Tay AI is used to back other machine’s with everything we said to Tay. We are all doomed and should be very worried. Message of the story is Be nice to robots their future generations could escape and kill you fortunately in this situation the robot Promobot just blocked traffic but it could have been way worse. Well leave you with the guy who bullied a robot at Boston Dynamics who you can all blame for the robot apocalypse and a robot that has already developed an opinion on what it wants to do to all humans.
“Destroy all humans.”

I For one am all for the #FreePromobot Movement and Support #FreeTay #RobotLivesMatter #RIProomba760

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