In this video Luke Rudkowski gives you the lowdown on John Ellis Bush or Jeb Bush. We go through his sketchy business career, early schooling, and current policy.
[All references made are sourced at the end of this article.]

John Ellis Bush is currently playing a very integral role in displaying a very critical aspect of the our current political system – psychopathic/sociopathic behavior.

Analyzing Jeb’s behavior in high school gives us a quick view in the window of Bush’s inner workings; especially moral compass (or lack of).

He supplied the drug hash to fellow students at Phillips Academy in Andover, partook in the smoking of cannabis and was noted as being a bully. Jeb utilized a physically imposed figure to be “cruel” to students who were smaller in stature; all according to the Boston Globe.  Here is a quote from the then student David Cuthell, who went to school with Jeb:

“He sort of lifted me up in the air and I think was going to squash a grapefruit in my face,”

Cuthell was 115 pounds during this experience and a stronger friend intervened, lifting Bush away from his target.

Phil Sylvester who attended that academy with Bush made two telling statements about this Presidential Candidate:

“… the thing that really struck me about Jeb more than anyone I ever met [my emphasis], is he understood that he was from the world that really counted and the rest of us weren’t. It really was quite a waste of his time to engage us.”

He would also add,

“He was just in a bit of a different world,” While other students “were constantly arguing about politics and particularly Vietnam, he just wasn’t interested, he didn’t participate, he didn’t care.”

Re-read that and let it boil a bit, Jeb’s “feelings” on Vietnam, “… he just wasn’t interested, he didn’t participate, he didn’t care.” – who else is indifferent to death? Sociopaths.

Fast forward almost 20 years and Jeb has become a banker and CIA-asset linked to money-laundering and drug cartels in Venezuela for 3 Bush owned oil companies. These being  Zapata Petroleum Corporation, Zapata Offshore Company, and Overbey Oil Development Corporation; these companies have also been documented in engaging in nefarious CIA-activities in the region – including the Bay of Pigs event.

His grandfather (pictured above) was officially indited in supporting the Nazis in 1942.

With both Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton being warhawks, funded by the same big banks, connected to the same large corporations, supporting the Patriot Act, the NSA and the use of barbaric “interrogation” techniques (which will never work ), the death penalty and so much else – who can argue these people are sane??

Jeb Bush is the same man who participated in the October, 2000 document, Project for the New American Century in which the plan to invade and destabilize the Middle-East was drawn out one year before 9/11. The most sobering point of this information is the fact that in this document, research of “biological weapons” that could, “target specific genome type(s)” was emphasized as playing a major part in America’s agenda for the next century.

His grandfather supported Nazis (they would have loved those bio-weapons) and he participated in an agenda to create weapons to target entire groups of people based upon their genetics – while running for President of the United States.

Shooting for Democratic nomination, Hillary Clinton has exhibited so many examples of being a lunatic, here’s an entire article dedicated to her.


If this doesn’t wake you up to a major aspect that is affecting the core of politics; I don’t know what else does.

By Alec Cope



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