The recently agreed to U.S./Russia truce deal wass good news for the people of Syria, as it raises hopes that future peace talks are actually going to have something to work with. Equally, it’s bad news for Saudi Arabia, the U.S. military industrial complex and the blood-drenched coalition in serious violation of international protocols are still financing and arming various terrorist outfits in Syria.

Unfortunately, and as usual, the new ceasefire has not amount to anything, as many foreign-backed terrorist groups, including so-called “moderate” rebels, will be violating the deal despite having negotiated it in the first place.

The US Syrian Envoy Michael Ratney warned those who continued to mingle with al-Nusra in its rebranded Ahar al-Sham form would have to deal with “dire consequences” for doing so. However, the Pentagon and others have proxies that can not only stage attacks, but fake attacks on themselves to claim Damascus broke the truce.

For example, at least 22 terrorist groups, mostly affiliated to the Free Syrian Army, announced that they would not abide by the truce agreement that went into effect on Monday night.

The first case of ceasefire breaching happened in the Southwestern districts of Aleppo city, when Jeish al-Fatah terrorists opened fire at government positions in the military academy buildings. On Tuesday, terrorists once again violated the temporary nationwide ceasefire brokered by Russia and the US after they launched mortar attacks on government positions in the Northern districts of Aleppo city.


Moreover, the colonial campaign to divide and rule Syria still tops the agenda for Washington and its client states. Just like in Iraq and Yemen, their key policy in the so-called Syria ceasefire is not to end the bloodshed and save the people. It’s just a shift in tactics.

The regime changers want to attain through ceasefire what they couldn’t in the battlefield: occupy and divide Syria; degrade the Axis of Resistance (Iran, Syria and Hezbollah) through a combination of international pressure and internal dispute over the terms of ceasefire or any future peace accord; continue Special Forces operations and drone strikes; resupply rebel forces, and create no-fly-zone over the Syrian-Turkish border areas on the pretext of humanitarian assistance.

Despite their assertions to the contrary, the new ceasefire has nothing to do with calming the violence and allowing humanitarian access to the besieged areas. The goal is to give rebels a breather, provide them new weapons and equipment, and maintain the continuity of the war.

Past truce efforts are a reminder that the dirty war on Syria will continue after the 10-day pause, as the United States has no interest in ending hostilities. President Obama’s goal in negotiating this ceasefire is less about relief for Syrian citizens and more about winning support internationally. It is his last straw in trying to entrench the status quo and save his face before he leaves office.