The internationally known whistle-blower organization Wikileaks released an 88GB, encrypted insurance torrent file on Friday to protect its coming future releases.
We can only speculate that this was done to protect the Guccifer 2.0 DNC leak and the leak of Hillary’s emails that Julian Assange has been quoted saying will be “enough evidence to criminally indict her.”

Can we expect these leaks to be on the 4th anniversary of Julian Assange’s illegal detainment inside the Ecuador Embassy? Which Assange won a case earlier this year at a UN panel in February, where his detainment was ruled to be arbitrary detention. Its been four long years, since Assange has been stuck in the Embassy, fearing the consequences if he leaves being his arrest.

One can only hope the release is on Julian’s anniversary in either case these leaks are coming.
It’s however interesting to note that the last time Wikileaks released an Insurance file it was to protect it’s founder Julian Assange.

We already reported earlier this week that Hillary Clinton is doomed either by Wikileaks or Russia or BOTH.

One way or the other its over, Hillary is going to end up Indicted after leaks start coming out how crooked she is but now the DNC has been hacked by a Hacker going only by Guccifer 2.0 a moniker of Guccifer the first hacker who hacked Hillary Clinton’s private backroom closet server.
These documents that Guccifer 2.0 has acquired from the DNC’s servers have been handed to wikileaks for publication.

Already the hacker going only by the alias Guccifer 2.0 started leaking bits and pieces of information online this week.
Which resulted in conclusive evidence the DNC was favoring Hillary Clinton from the start and RIGGED the Primaries for Hillary. Something that shouldn’t be a surprise for anyone who’s read our massive expose of Hillary Clinton’s constant rigging of states and voting anomaly’s.

It’s been like a long never ending reality TV episode this election and we even have a past entertainer running for President Donald Trump. Yes the guy who’s catch phrase used to be “YOU’RE FIRED.” Maybe he is the right man for the job? To go into the Oval Office and tell all the crooks in Washington “You’re Fired.”

It will be very interesting to see where all this goes and We Are Change will stay on top of this story and keep you updated when Wikileaks leaks the documents on Hillary Clinton and the DNC. Including the backlash that ensues into potentially the biggest political scandal of Hillary Clinton’s career and she has had many going all the way back to Arkansas.
This Document appeared online last April from an Account calling itself OpHillary on twitter documenting it all. It seems Hillary has a bunch of enemies all over the spectrum. How long can as trump’s nicknamed her Crooked Hillary last?

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