Mission Statement

We Are Change is a nonpartisan, independent media organization comprised of individuals and groups working to expose corruption worldwide. Founded by Luke Rudkowski, We Are Change is comprised of independent journalists, concerned citizens, activists, and anyone who wants to shape the direction our world is going in. We seek to expose the lies of governments and the corporate elite who constantly trash our humanity.  By asking the hard questions the mainstream media refuses to ask, we shine a little more light on truth. Furthermore, we seek to connect, educate, and motivate those who are interested in alerting the public to the pertinent issues that are affecting our lives each and every day.  Our goal is to create a community of truth-seekers and peacemakers who share a commitment to nonviolent action. We Are Change is not so much an individual or group, but an idea, an idea that “We the People” are the change we wish to see in this world. Together, as residents of this planet, we can push back against those who wish to dominate our lives and begin to restore liberty to all.


How To Get Involved

Getting involved is easy. You can join an existing We Are Change Chapter, or you can start your own Chapter.  We Are Change encourages people to join groups, but also acknowledges that individuals can be just as productive.  Do what works best for you.

Already have your own organization or We Are Change Chapter? Become a We Are Change Blog Contributor and drive traffic to your cause.  For more information on how to become a contributor, click here.  To see a full list of current contributors, click here.


Code of Conduct

We Are Change is a peaceful organization that does not discriminate in any way. We are tolerant of all regardless of racial, religious, ethnic or sexual orientation (even though the SPLC still groups us with neo-nazis). We denounce any individual or group that would speak in our name and that would not adhere to these precepts. Anyone violating these principles will be asked by the group to leave permanently as a destructive individual working against the goals that We Are Change is striving to achieve.

Join We Are Change!

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