Apocalypse Survival Training (AST)

What Is Apocalypse Survival Training (AST)?

AST is an educational resource We Are Change created for the uncertain times we live in, in which preparedness for when SHTF is no longer something reserved for obsessive peppers, but rather something of the essence for anyone who wants to survive and thrive as governments and global elites impose lockdowns and mandates, tank the economy and disrupt the supply chain.

We Are Change, in coordination with a Special Forces U.S. Army Green Beret Eagle Scout and other military professionals, hosted apocalypse survival and self-defense trainings in 2020 and 2021, teaching everything from starting fires to building shelters and sleeping in them to firearms and weapons training to close quarters combat.

From the comfort of your own home, you can now watch high-quality recordings of two of the trainings and learn skills, including land navigation, water filtration, use of unconventional weapons, animal trapping, interrogation resistance and much, much more.

Of course, honing these skills requires actual training, and We Are Change and Luke Uncensored are not liable for what you do on your own and how you may put survival and self-defense teachings into practice. But as a Luke Uncensored member, you get access to complete footage of two full-day apocalypse survival trainings valued at hundreds of dollars each.

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Apocalypse Survival Training Reviews

Unlike survival training I’ve had in the past, this course took into account self defense and human threats. As a single female living alone, I’m especially grateful to have had the opportunity to build on these skills. Also, it was a pleasure to spend time with like-minded people.


Without training I would never learn apocalypse survival skills in my ordinary life. I don’t think I could learn many of the skills taught without the hands-on guidance of great instructors.


The event was great. All the instructors were knowledgeable, engaging and were interested in passing on their knowledge. The class was an intro class, but it did touch on some things I hadn’t considered for a shtf event. I think everyone could gain something from the class regardless of their experience. All in all It was an informative and satisfying experience. I look forward to future classes.


This event was an excellent beginner course. The instructors were very professional and well versed in their areas of expertise. It was obvious that they care tremendously about customer service and safety, we had plenty of water and breaks. I look forward to and WILL participate in all future trainings that I can make it to!


So how did I spend my Saturday you may ask? Well I spent it with a plethora of intellectually honest people looking to better themselves by sharing their own personal knowledge and the practice of unfathomable richness on the subjects covered by that of the professors on hand Saturday.

The charm and composure projected from (redacted), Luke, and yes even (redacted), left me in awe. And quite frankly a little disappointed. The disappointment came from the days end. Knowing I could not spend more time learning from them men amongst men.

The exquisite buffet produced by the stewart of the land was a welcomed complement to the atmosphere of insight. The not so ancillary others who’s help those more unfortunate to have never used a firearm would bring to mind a doting father teaching his child to tie their shoes for the first time.

Were I to assign a score between 1-10 on my experience at the event, I sadly could not. For this would rate an ( To steal from This is Spinal Tap ) an 11.


It my first time attending anything of this sort and it surpassed my expectations. It was very informative while having some fun. Instructors were great they had everyones attention at all times. I enjoyed the amount of people there, it wasn’t too crowded it was a more of a intimate experience. We all kind of got along and interact with each other along the way. I appreciate the effort and planning by everyone involved in this event thank you all.

I did come in as a beginner on self defense, i strongly feel it helped me believe in myself more, be more confident and comfortable and it left me wanting more. Overall I feel it was a positive experience and would recommend.


Just wanted to thank you guys it was fun as hell. And apologizing for leaving at 6:00 I didn’t realize how late it was going to go and I work night so I came in having worked 12 hours that night plus I’m not in great shape lol .

Anyways it was great time I’ll definitely come to the next one.

Yeah let me go into a little more detail. I learned how to skin a rabbit which I actually didn’t know how to do properly. I also learn some interrogation resistance techniques that I had never even thought of. And while I knew the process of purifying water at home I didn’t know the actual logistics of it so that was actually a huge help as well.

Luke and silver Dave argued a few times and some people may be off put by that.

Overall its a blast I wish I could have stayed longer I’ll be more prepared next time I won’t work the night before lol


I enjoyed participating in the AST survival and self defense training very much. The location was easy to find and it helped that there was someone there at the entrance to greet us. We would have stayed there longer to enjoy the campfire after eating but we were tired and had a long drive home to Massachusetts.

Luke and Dave were the perfect combination of charismatic and fun yet authentic and real. The skills that were taught were all interesting and useful. I especially liked the fire making and interrogation techniques. Luke and Dave were competent and patient teachers, instructive and patient. Luke gave me some advice on how to better collect wood. I was extremely nervous and self-conscious about firing a gun for the first time in my life. But everyone there was very encouraging and I’m glad I did it. I would go again.

Thank you for providing this opportunity for like-minded people to meet each other and connect.