“Luke Rudkowski, whose live stream is one of the most reliable and engaging records of Occupy Wall Street actions” – Village Voice
“@LukeRudkowski Keep it funny. Keep it true. Keep putting it on youtube! :)” – Dylan Ratigan
“You actually believe all this junk, it’s nice to know people have fantasy lives.” – Newt Gingrich
“Everyone’s entitled to their opinion.” – Mitt Romney
“I love you, I follow you” – Rosanne Barr
“I appreciate you, it’s funny the guy asking the questions has the most articulate points.” – David Banner
“I appreciate you.” – Lupe fiasco
“Shouts out to you, the people who made Loose Change and everybody that’s not scared of these motherf_____ out here, that’s willing to talk about it like this.” – Prodigy of Mobb Deep
“I think you’re doing a fantastic job, by the way. I think you;re one of the most genuine people in this whole arena.” – David Icke
“I love wearechange, the guttest most courageous young people go get ’em. It’s your government, it’s you, you deserve the truth” – Cynthia Mckinney
“If you continue to harass me I’m going to call security I’m counting to 3 1 2 3 you’re done” – Van Jones
“You keep doing what you’re doing. Kids like you change the world when they believe what they believe in and they’re not afraid to say it… and with that little video camera, that’s the new way that America will be equalized, so keep doing it.” – Rosie O’Donnell
“Get a life.” – Joe Biden
“Shut up and sit down” – Zbigniew Brzezinski
“I’ll run away again.” – Thomas Keen
“Mr. Rudkowski is no shrinking violet. Armed with a video camera and a YouTube account, he has confronted the likes of Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr.; Larry A. Silverstein, the leaseholder on the Trade Center; and Thomas H. Kean, a former governor of New Jersey who was chairman of the federal Sept. 11 commission.” – NY TIMES
“You have balls, you should run for congress.” – John D. Rockefeller
“The “street leader” of the Truther movement came to prominence via a viral YouTube video – Rolling Stone
“If you’re in the secret Bilderberg group, please don’t assassinate freelance reporters. It’s just not nice, guys. Not nice. And please call me, call me (points to Luke Rudkowski) you owe me one buddy.” – Stephen Colbert
“I got to say Luke Rudkowski is the man, the man, the man. The true spirit of 1776. A true man, a true leader, a person risking his life.” – Alex Jones
“Peace man. Thanks for the interview. That’s the first time I’ve ever answered that question publicly….I appreciate the work you do. Keep it up man.” – Brother Ali
“You happen to be wrong.” – Micheal Bloomberg

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