If you have made your way to this page you no doubt realize that we live in a society where our information is controlled, and our bodies, minds, and souls are bombarded with a constant toxic atmosphere that promotes our mental, physical, and financial oppression. 

Right now headlines across the world are warning that our stock market may face a 50% decline or worse in the near future, that the interest that we pay on theNational Debt will soon exceed our entire Military Budget, and that the government is working harder than ever to track your cryptocurrency transactions!

The United States by all standards is the most overworked nation in the developed world. Many people are working multiple jobs just to survivein a massively inflated economy.

The television is little more than a tool to create a consumer class who worships celebrity, is in a constant state of fear, envy, and confusion while relying on pharmaceuticals to cope with their dead-end 9 to 5 desk job.

We Are Change can help you navigate through all of these obstacles in order to live a more fulfilled and enlightened existence. Sharing is caring, so we encourage you to help others by sharing this information as well.



Right now the race to control the global narrative is at a breakneck speed. Technology goliaths are working in unison to censor information that questions corporate and government corruption alike. Companies like Amazon, Google, Twitter, and Facebook have now gone beyond just shadow banning users, they are now outright purging them. Over 800 Facebook pages were taken down without notice, many of which We Are Change had worked with in the past. We Are Change had already been severely limited by YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter it is only a matter of time before these platforms remove me as well. In order to combat this head on and continue to create uncensored truthful content, I have started a Newsletter to directly reach out to you without barriers! A bi-weekly publication that is mainlined directly to you and others like you who want unfiltered information designed to enlighten you as to what is truly going on in our current socio-political atmosphere.




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Here are the subjects I will be specializing in.


As 2019 rapidly approaches We Are Change is shifting towards not only informing you on global issues but helping you achieve your goals of exploring the world on your terms! Aside from the stories that we cover in our videos, a larger focus will be given to cryptocurrencies and how they are traded. A specific fund will be created and you will be along for the ride as I invest and trade in the crypto market giving you the ultimate incite on how this new generation of entrepreneurs think.


Which brings us to the final topic of focus, the process of expatting. or relocating to another country. What can often be an intimidating and confusing topic can be simplified beyond words allowing you to achieve a more fulfilling existence wherever you may choose. Learn more than the basics to ensure a smooth relocation and start living in your dream country sooner rather than later.


Personal freedom has always been an important element to the existence of We Are Change so the goal is to share with you all of the tips and tricks that have been acquired over the years. Learn to travel-hack like a pro and maximize your experiences while minimizing the funds you will have to spend in order to do so. Begin seeing the world on your terms instead of being burdened with the logistics of expensive travel costs. Who knows maybe you fall so hard in love with the area you have visited you decide to stay!


The content provided is more important than ever in a world moving closer every day towards the control and regimentation of all human beings. Break free from these shackles by taking charge of the information you surround yourself with and moving forward in your quest for true independence and enlightenment.

Who’s Apart of this Newsletter?

Josh Sigurdson is the founder of World Alternative Media, an independent media organization which has strived to shine light in the deepest darkest shadowy corners of the monetary system, political system and secretive shadow organizations. Josh has confronted countless politicians including the likes of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, making international news. Josh has been studying economics since the age of 12 when he discovered the vast, coercive cartel we know as central banks. This lead Josh to first hear about Bitcoin in 2009 and regrettably not throwing all of his fake fiat into it at the time. Nonetheless, Josh has been incredibly successful monitoring the crypto markets and making the right moves over the past couple of years. In 2017, Josh made 18,880% gains trading. Unthinkable? Yes. Did the bull market help? Yes, but it also took an enormous amount of time examining the markets and trading day in and day out. With his success in determining major moves in the markets, Josh has built up a media behemoth and has gained the ability to surpass censorship, shadow banning and demonetization by utilizing blockchain alternatives. He’s an adamant supporter of free market demand and decentralization.

A pioneer in independent media and activism since 2006 Luke Rudkowski continues to free minds around the world through information and action. An adventurous travel hacker using a shoestring budget, he has travelled the world in pursuit of forbidden information, often in the face of danger. He has also travelled to some of the most stunning places on the planet, many of which are popular expat areas. Throughout the years Luke has built relationships throughout the crypto and alternative media by doing groundbreaking investigative journalism, advocating cryptocurrency since 2012, and continuing to be a prominent anti-war voice. A man who believes there is too much government, too many taxes and not enough freedom, Luke has fearlessly confronted establishment politicians, policymakers, oligarchs, and mainstream media puppets alike while being endorsed by numerous celebrities and experts.You can always find Luke in the middle of large-scale events all around the world giving you a non-partisan perspective of the madness.

Jason Bermas is a documentary filmmaker and digital personality who has worked in alternative and independent media for well over a decade of experience. After producing Loose Change he went on to write and direct Fabled Enemies and Invisible Empire under the Infowars banner. While working at Infowars Jason was the first person to be given his own show “The Infowarrior” and was the regular stand-in host for Alex Jones.

After leaving Texas he would go on to write and direct “Shade The Motion Picture” with Shepard Ambellas of Intellihub. Jason continues his pursuit of truth working for We Are Change as a correspondent and producer.

Disclaimer: All information shared is done so with the best of intentions, and with positive results from past experiences, however, I, of course, are not perfect, and can not guarantee you will experience the same. All crypto content is based in opinion and is not meant to be misconstrued as investment advice. Individuals must do their due diligence and take responsibility unto themselves as the cryptocurrency markets are highly volatile.