WeAreChange confronts Mitt Romney @ #nhprimary

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  • David

    Laws only apply to those who create them. You people really need to start learning the law. Citizens of the United States(public officials) are foreign to Americans. They gave up their national citizenship and became foreign to us in 1867 (Reconstruction Act). See Title 8 USC 1481. Their oaths come from Title 12 CFR, a Foreign Relation. 28 USC 1608 the courts are foreign to the people. They do not operate under common law anymore (constitutional law). They are operating under UN jurisdiction. 49 stat 3097 treaties series 881 and international Organization immunities act of 1945. They are taking you into courts under title 50 section 2 Alien Resident. You need to challenge jurisdiction with these criminals. Title 50 Chapter 3 section 23 they have no jurisdiction. You really need to start pushing the 1933 bankruptcy with these public officials. They took all the money out of circulation. Their is no money, only promisary notes to pay us( title 12 chapter 411). They forgot one thing, to discharge all the public debt. What most of you dont understand is there is no money, your signature creates value. Every time you sign a bank note, credit card, ect…. they collateralize on it, and make millions off each one of us. BUT 40% was to be used pay the public debt. But, they just stole our share. We are not in debt at all, Americans are the creditors! The bankruptcy of 1933 was only suppost to last 70 years. But, they are keeping us under a state of emergency to develop their police state. To learn more watch the video Change is on the Horizon. Start with the third video first called Farmers Claims…. We have already discovered 700 trillion dollars that was stolen from us. We have a bill paseed and signed already that will fix all our problems

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