WeAreChange Confronts Senator Lieberman

Please nicely Call Senators Lieberman’s office and remind him to keep his promise.

D.C 202.224.4041

CT 860.549.8463






  • CarteretFreePress

    Oh please, give me a break…

    And next he’ll tell you about Hadassah giving lectures on “The Sanctity of Gefilte” to the stupid goyem in Texas next week.

    And the crowd will have a contest.

    Whoever throws more matzo balls into John Hagee’s mouth will get a gold star that says “Zionist approved”.

    As for Luke, your heart’s in the right place but these trolls are just ugly prostitutes in suits. Except a prostitute may be a fundamentally decent person, whereas these guys don’t have anything decent about them. At all.

  • V

    Their pyramid will collapse. We are ants.

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