Here are live feeds of media outlets covering the subway shooting in Brooklyn. 

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Update (1054ET): White House press secretary Jen Psaki tweeted President Biden has been briefed on the latest developments in Brooklyn’s shooting incident.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has also been briefed on the incident.

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Update (1004ET): The ATF has arrived on the scene of the shooting incident in Brooklyn. The agency will be reviewing shell casings to determine what type of weapon was used.

Here’s the location of the incident.

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Update (0958ET): NBC News reports the suspect is a Black male, 5-foot-5 and 175 to 180 pounds wearing an orange construction vest and gas mask. A massive manhunt is on the way.

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Update (0953ET): NBC News reports at least 13 were injured in the Brooklyn subway shooting incident. The media outlet said surrounding schools are on lockdown as NYPD searches for the suspect.

NBC said the suspect used a “smoke grenade” then started shooting.

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At least six people have been shot, and multiple explosives were found at a Brooklyn subway station during the Tuesday morning rush hour.

NBC New York reports the incident occurred around 0830 ET as police received reports of shots fired in Sunset Park, near Fourth Avenue and 36th Street.

Several law enforcement sources told NBC New York that the suspect was “dressed in clothing that resembles those worn by MTA workers threw some device and opened fire.”

Twitter users posted scenes of the gruesome incident.

Some said they survived a “mass shooting incident.”

ABC7 New York said a manhunt is underway for a “gunman described as wearing a gas mask and an orange construction vest.”


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