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Media Roots Radio

These are the first and second episodes of Media Roots radio with hosts Abby and Robbie Martin. We break through the left/ right paradigm and speak the truth about 9/11, Obama, the media, terrorism and pharmaceutical drugs. This radio show airs on shortwave radio Sundays at 6pm central time, following the Alex Jones show on frequency 9.350 MHz.

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Alex Grey Paints Obama

How can an artist like Alex Grey, one who has supposedly superseded this physical realm, idolize Obama as some sort of spiritual leader? Although most of Alex’s art breaks down the physical reality of our perception of self and body, the sitting president’s existence in the current political arena serves to bolster a physical illusion.

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Media Roots Interview

Oriana Saportas of KPFA radio conducts an interview with Abby Martin, creator of at Berkeley Community Media’s public access where they have a discussion about the creation and evolution of Media Roots, a grassroots media project created to help inform and connect the community.

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The Fluoride Fraud

When was the last time you stopped to think about the one thing you can’t live without? I don’t mean the Internet – I’m talking about water. For the past 65 years, city governments have been adding a controversial substance called fluoride to municipal water supplies nationwide – but why? And is this chemical safe for human consumption?

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