After being vaccinated on Monday with the Pfizer vaccine (live on camera to try and help bolster public confidence in the vaccine), former Vice President Joe Biden declared that the Trump Administration “deserves some credit getting this off the ground,” in reference to “Operation Warp Speed”, the program of federal subsidies to drug makers.

Biden claimed he was taking the vaccine to help demonstrate that “people should be prepared when its available” whenever their turn comes to take the vaccine.

Even though Pfizer never took money up front, the company signed a major deal with OWS to deliver 100M doses for just under $2BN.

Other vaccine makers have tried their hardest to try and minimize the Trump Administration’s role despite taking billions of dollars in federal funding.

Though we wouldn’t be surprised to hear some spin-master twist Biden’s words to imply that by referring to “the Administration” he didn’t specifically mean “President Trump.”

On Tuesday, health officials including Dr. Anthony Fauci and USSD head Alex Azar will be vaccinated at a National Institutes of Health event Tuesday, according to a tweet from agency head Francis Collins.

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