Hey guys this is really important if your coming out this Saturday, we have a change of plans this Saturday.

11pm – 2pm Rally at Washington Square Park
2pm-3pm Lunch and meeting
Then were going to Time Square after the meeting and Lunch.

We will be attending the Int’l Marijuana March starting at Washington Square Park at 11am to 2pm. Street actions will continue in Times Square after the rally right before going to eat and having a meeting. Please join us.

Really sorry but our event at 56 Walker Street movie showing of “Never Get Busted” has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. We will continue doing these events next Saturday, please look at our meetup for future updates.

So PLEASE tell everyone you know coming out this Saturday that our event at 56 Walker is cancelled and the street action at ground zero has been changed to Washington Square Park.

Thank you,

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