French and Dutch medical professionals are both reporting that half of coronavirus ICU patients are under the age of 60 and 50-years-old respectively.

MORE THAN 50% OF THE 300 #COVID?19 CASES IN CRITICAL CONDITION IN FRANCE ARE UNDER 60,” tweeted The Atlantic‘s Rachel Donadio on Saturday.

Meanwhile in the Netherlands, over half are reportedly under 50 years old.

“Today there are between forty and fifty corona patients in critical condition on Dutch intensive care units. “More than half of those patients are under fifty years oldThere are also young people. “” That says chairman of the Dutch Association for Intensive Care (NVIC) Diederik Gommers, in an interview with this site.” –

On Saturday, AD documented the case of a 16-year-old boy with no disclosed underlying conditions who wound up in the ICU after complaining of nausea and headaches. He is currently on ventilation in a medically-induced coma.

16-year-old Sehraz from the Netherlands (via

As long as he can’t breathe properly himself, they keep him artificially asleep,” said his 24-yaer-old brother Babor.

The reports suggest that COVID-19 is more than just a “boomer remover” – a phrase made popular by younger generations who think they’re invincible.

Considering that US hospitals are projected to be completely full come mid-May, the implications of the coronavirus impacting more than just the elderly are significant.

The new reports of younger ICU patients echo unconfirmed accounts from Italian doctors:

In which case, reports that COVID-19 is primarily affecting the elderly may be greatly exaggerated.

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