A leaked database from China’s National University of Defense Technology suggests that the country has hundreds of thousands more coronavirus cases than the official figure of 84,029.

The database from the Changsha-based university was leaked to Foreign Policy and 100 Reporters according to the Daily Mail.

Contained within the dataset are 640,000 individual entries from at least 230 cities around the country – which includes latitude, longitude and “confirmed” numbers of cases at that location on a specific date ranging from February to late April.

Locations include hospitals, supermarkets, apartment compounds, hotels, railway stations, schools, restaurants, and even a Kentucky Friend Chicken branch.

That said, it’s unclear from the data what is classified as a “confirmed” case of COVID-19, while a lack of patient names or contact info make it impossible to verify the information.

The number could also be far higher. A single data entry outlined by those with access to the database contains two cases of the virus, reported at a church in the city of Harbin on March 17.

The number could also be lower. Reporters say it is not clear how the data was gathered – although the university website says it used a range of public resources. –Daily Mail

China officially claims that of the more than 84,000 cases in the country, just 4,600 people have died – figures which have been challenged or disproven by various methods.

Republished from ZeroHedge.com with permission

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