Do you know what techniques I use as a journalist to determine if a politician is lying?

Well, with politicians maybe it’s not so difficult.

Because they lie so often.

But nonetheless, I have three steps that enable you to determine if a person is lying.

This applies to all aspects of life.

In this walk and talk through snowy Coney Island, I reveal to you how I have learned the hard way.

I share with you how I have trusted girls who did not turn out to be honest and have had relationships fall apart because of that.

And I explain how the principles used to determine if a partner is telling the truth or not can also be applied to journalism.

While giving you a look at Coney Island that you’ve probably never seen before, I recollect some of my confrontations with famous politicians and how I could tell they are lying.

One of the things you should do is judge people by the fruits of their labor. 

Also you should know that a person with high status has a high likelihood of profiting off of you.

Watch the video to find out my third tip for determining whether or not someone is telling the truth.

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