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Following President Trump’s address to supporters at a rally in Washington on Wednesday afternoon, a group of demonstrators marched to the US Capitol and breached several layers of security barricades around the building.

Just before 1300 ET, a group of Trump supporters “toppled the barricades, storming through them to the grassy fields leading to the Capitol,” according to WaPo.

Inside the Capitol, Congress is meeting to certify the electoral college votes for President-elect Joe Biden

Amid the unfolding chaos, staff in the Cannon House Office building to evacuate, according to a notice obtained by Bloomberg. Madison office building staff have also been told to evacuate.

Demonstrators are becoming increasingly violent towards police.

Trump supporters are attempting to break police lines at the Capitol.

“Whoa: Trump supporters going at it with the police on the steps of the Capitol as Congress counts the Electoral College ballots inside,” HuffPost’s Philip Lewis tweeted.

Representative Haley Stevens tweeted that she is “sheltering in place in my office.” She said the building next to her is being “evacuated.”

Stevens wrote: “I can’t believe I have to write this.”

Here are more views outside of the Capitol. The Daily Dot’s Zachary Petrizzo said police are now firing tear gas into the crowd.

Apparently, the crowd outside the Capitol is increasing in size.

CNN’s Kaitlan Collins has just tweeted the “US Capitol is now on lockdown.”

Protesters are now at the steps of the Capitol.

Protesters have made it to the doors of the Capitol.

Protesters have made it inside the Capitol building.

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