A maskless Rep. Rashida Tlaib was the star of a wedding on Sunday this weekend in a Covid “orange” zone – on the same day she called out Senator Rand Paul for not doing enough to combat the virus.

In what is another unsurprising instance of complete and total liberal hypocrisy when it comes to the pandemic, Tlaib was captured on the Instagram story of Bassam Saleh, a Dearborn, Michigan band that plays weddings, Fox News reported.

The location of the wedding was tagged at Ford Community & Performing Arts Center, a venue in Dearborn, Michigan. That venue is located in Wayne County, which Fox notes is a “orange” zone, meaning that it has “substantial” Covid transmission.

On the very same day the video was taken, Tlaib railed against Senator Rand Paul for not doing enough to protect his constituents from the virus, stating: “The KY Senator is throwing a tantrum as his state is being swallowed whole by this virus, again. People are getting sick and dying 98 counties in Kentucky have a high incidence rate of COVID-19. He needs to put politics aside, and put people first. Start resisting the virus.”

It is yet another instance of “do as I say, not as I do” by the very same government officials who feel just fine and dandy absconding with your civil rights while they do anything and everything they want.

While the left continues to rail on the narrative of wearing masks, locking down and distancing, their actions this summer have revealed the obvious belief that they are above the rules made for the rest of us peons – and that maybe the virus isn’t something to be deathly afraid of (despite what the media tells us), after all.

Republished from ZeroHedge.com with permission

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