With all that Ghislaine Maxwell has been accused of, it is surprising that she still has any friends left in her corner, but there are many members of high society who think that the charges against Maxwell are unjust. The phrases “witch hunt” and “lynch mob” have been used frequently to describe the prosecution against Maxwell, and it appears that many wealthy and famous people feel the same way about the “MeToo” movement as a whole.

A few months ago, Maxwell was denied bail because she was deemed to be a flight risk, and also because she has been accused of some very serious crimes against children.

Brian Basham, a close family friend of Ghislaine Maxwell, is on a mission to get her out of jail. Basham says that she is on the verge of starvation because she is rarely served vegetarian meals. He said that she is constantly humiliated by the gaurds, and treated differently because she is on suicide watch. She is also forced to wear paper clothes so she can’t strangle herself with her clothes.

Basham has offered to help the Maxwell family secure her bail, even though it has already been denied. He called the trial a “dog and pony show” and referred to the people angry about Maxwell’s alleged crimes as a “lynch mob.”

She has lost 25lbs in jail but when she complained they took away her weighing machine so she could not weigh herself,” Basham told The Telegraph.

“She is unable to talk to her sisters and their letters are being vindictively not given to her. She is in a cell 9ft by 7ft on a floor of the prison with no one else on it. The last I heard is that the guards have now stopped speaking to her so she is very much in isolation. I am told that none of the members of the family have been able to visit or talk to her directly,” Basham said.

Who is Brian Basham? According to a search of LinkedInPowerbase, and other sources, it appears that Basham is a well-known and wealthy figure in the UK with deep ties in the public relations industry and the financial industry.

Basham is best known for his PR firm’s involvement with British Airways. Basham’s PR company Warwick Corporate was representing British Airways in the early 1990s. While Basham was working for British Airways, Richard Branson accused the company of fighting a ‘dirty tricks’ smear campaign against his company Virgin Atlantic. Basham’s firm lost a series of legal battles and was forced to apologize to Branson and pay punitive damages, and British Airways blamed him for the campaign that provoked the lawsuit.

In 1994 Basham launched a libel action over his portrayal in the book ‘Dirty Tricks’ by author Martyn Gregory and the publishers Little, Brown, and Company, which he said depicted him as a “professional liar,” although many people believe that PR firms are hired to tell lies. Surprisingly, Basham won the case in the High Court in 1996 and was paid £20,000 in damages plus court costs.

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