By Sandra Fish / Colorado Public Radio

onsanto is donating $4.7 million to the campaign to oppose GMO labeling in Colorado.

Monday was the latest deadline for candidates and committees to report campaign contributions and expenditure to the Secretary of State’s office.

Monsanto’s contribution is the largest of the most recent reporting period from Sept. 11 to 24. The St. Louis-based agriculture company is a primary producer of genetically modified seeds.

The No on 105 committee has raised almost $10 million through Sept. 24, with Pepsico and Kraft Foods also giving more than $1 million each. The group begins running TV ads against the initiative this week.

Meanwhile, the supporters of the labeling initiative, Right to Know GMO, have raised about $323,000, including almost $120,000 in the most recent two weeks. That groups top donors are Food Democracy Action at $140,000 total and Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps at $25,000.

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