It appears MSNBC, the “news network” that told its viewers the “Let’s Go Brandon!” meme was part of a “slow moving insurrection” among other egregious examples of liberal fearmongering, is now suddenly convinced that “cancel culture” is toxic and needs to be “put behind us” – all because poor Whoopi Goldberg has now seen her multi-decade career blow up in her face over her latest antisemetic comments.

After apologizing for her allegedly “antisemetic” comments, Goldberg – who picked her stage name supposedly because she thought having a Jewish-sounding name would help her land more auditions early in her career – doubled down during an appearance on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, resulting in her being suspended from “The View”.

Apparently, Goldberg facing the consequences of her own actions was too much to bear for poor Mika Brzezinski, the co-host of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe”.

“Everybody knows Whoopi Goldberg. She’s been on TV for decades she’s been putting herself out there for decades. If you don’t know her heart than you haven’t been watching. So maybe this two week suspension is really about something else…something that maybe we need to start putting behind us which is this unbelievable need to punish and judge people when they have made a mistake.”

Brzezinski went on to describe – supposedly from experience – the “horror” of being a public person who has said something unpalatable about race in America. “It’s horrifying…it’s chilling,” she said, before continuing:

“I really feel, especially at the View, where their show is based on arguments, is based on debates, is based on making moments, they are pushed to do that. I hope there’s learning for everybody on the show…in terms of grace, in terms of forgiveness, in terms of kindness.”

“There were so many positives that could have happened out of this debate..”

“This cancel culture is getting so out of hand…there were so many positives that could have come out of this debate…instead it’s heading in a totally different direction.”

Watch the clip below:

So, after six years of pushing its hosts to portray President Trump and his supporters as a band of evil malignant racists, MSNBC suddenly wants to have a “nuanced discussion” about race?

And that’s not the only development overnight in the latest round of cancel-culture hysteria gripping the US.

Apparently, Joe Rogan’s apology and Spotify’s decision to affix content warning labels to future podcast episodes weren’t enough to stop the exodus of artists cutting ties with the streaming service in protest.

As the BBC reports, soul musician India Arie and British singer-songwriter Graham Nash have become the latest artists to ask Spotify to remove their music. Nash is perhaps well known for his collaboration with Neil Young – who set off the controversy by becoming the first popular musician to pull his music catalogue from the streaming service by declaring “Spotify can have Neil Young or it can have Joe Rogan. Not both.” Arie, meanwhile, is a grammy-winning Soul musician.

Their decisions follow similar moves by Young and fellow Canadian troubadour Joni Mitchell.

What’s more, Arie said her decision to pull out wasn’t based solely on Rogan’s interviews with Dr. Robert Malone and Dr. Peter McCollough, it was also partly due to Rogan’s “language around race”.

All of this is happening despite Rogan publishing what was by all accounts a detailed, sincere and thoughtful apology to the people he had “offended” while also explaining why he feels it’s important that their views be heard.

Spotify has announced it will add advisory warnings to podcasts discussing Covid-19, which will direct listeners to facts and information as well as “trusted sources”. But despite this, during yesterday’s White House press conference, Press Secretary Jen Psaki insisted that “more can be done” by Spotify to “curb misinformation” on its platform.

“Our hope is that all major tech platforms and all major news sources for that matter be responsible and be vigilant to ensure the American people have access to accurate information as something as significant as COVID-19. That includes….Spotify,” she added, mispronouncing Spotify as “Spotifly”.

“This disclaimer, it’s a positive step but we want every platform to do more to call out misinformation or disinformation while also doing more to uplift positive information.”

The question came into a response from an MSN reporter who noted that the bulk of “misinformation” is spread on “the Internet” via social media…which also happens to be where people generally get their news and entertainment today. What kind of “misinformation” is she talking about? You mean that kind that’s deemed unpalatable by – or damaging to – her boss?

As one twitter user put it…

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