A new Twitter app encourages people to ‘fight disinformation’ by blocking over 800 New York Times reporters.

“It’s time to block,” reads an introductory tweet from @blocknyt (www.blocknyt.com). “Twitter users have begun mass-blocking New York Times-linked accounts to control the flood of corporate disinformation online.”

“For a limited time, block 800 NYT reporters for the low price of $0,” the tweet continues.

When one visits the blocknyt.com website, created five weeks ago, they’re greeted with several mock articles detailing the Times’ failings.

“The New York Times Company now faces an economic and reputational reckoning. Employees are revolting, traffic is plummeting, colleagues are scathing, and readers are blocking,” reads one teaser.

“Cade Metz and Pui-Wing Tam, senior employees of the New York Times Company, set out to intentionally reveal the identity of a private citizen against his will. An outcry ensued, and the paper backed down, but the damage was done,” reads another.

Once authorized, the app automatically blocks the journalists – and then tells you that you can uninstall it.

Some Twitter users thought it was such a great idea, they want one for other mainstream media journalists.

Caveat emptor: We have no idea who’s behind the app, nor what they do with the permissions given upon installation.

Republished from ZeroHedge.com with permission

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