Real Questions, Police Confrontation, and the one and only Immortal Technique spitting rhymes to raise the spirits at Occupy Wall Street 2 o’clock in the morning.

Sunday morning 4am September 24th, We made anyone willing to be interviewed at Occupy Wall Street say one word to why they were there, we took those answers and made it into a sentence. This is the sentence.

America Robbed
Veteran Outraged
Change Community
Change Self
Change Society with Peace, Equality, Defiance, Community and Hope
Future Life with Freedom, Unity, Principle, Science, Change and Accountability is REVOLUTION, REVOLUTION, REVOLUTION

Only the words “with” “is” “and” were added to this video that were not gathered by interview.

In no way shape or form are we trying to represent occupy wall street and the many diverse particpants there. This is simply a video made and edited from our point of view of what we personally believe the message to be.

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