The Pentagon has in a rare moment gone off the mainstream narrative script concerning Idlib.

The UK’s Sky News interviewed US coalition spokesman Col. Myles Caggins as part of its coverage focusing on Syrian and Russian forces “indiscriminately” attacking civilians and “bombing hospitals” — however, the Army colonel gave a counter angle, instead focusing on the jihadist groups ruling Idlib as the fundamental cause to civilian suffering there.

The US-led coalition spokesman called Idlib “a magnet for terrorist groups” that are a “nuisance, a menace and a threat” to hundreds of thousands of civilians just “trying to make it through the winter.”

He essentially identified “all” of groups operating on the ground as “terrorists” and a “threat” to the local population in the rare frank commentary:

There are variety of groups there — all of them are a nuisance, a menace and a threat to… hundreds of thousands of civilians who are just trying to make it through the winter.

His truthful words are all the more interesting given they come at a moment that CNN and other mainstream networks have “rediscovered” Idlib and “evil Assad and Russia” who they say are attempting to “butcher” children and innocent civilians.

The very network that interviewed the Operation Inherent Resolve spokesman elsewhere on the same day questioned “whether the international community is doing enough to restrain the Assad regime.”

The main anti-Assad group on the ground fighting the Syrian Army has long been al-Qaeda faction Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Nusra Front), which is a US Treasury designated terrorist organization.

Typically US and UK media reports leave out this crucial fact and nuance altogether, acting as if the whole conflict is as simple as Assad and Putin wishing to kill as many civilians as possible.

Such ultra-simplistic coverage has just been debunked by the Pentagon’s Caggins, who essentially admits that the Russians and Syrian Army are fighting terrorist groups occupying Idlib province.

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