Have you heard the huge news?!?! Watch this and find out:


Yep CNN+, the streaming service that the corporate news network spent $300 million on, has officially been canceled after just one month of existence. This is the service that, by CNN’s own admission, “was hyped as one of the most significant developments in the history of CNN.”

We at We Are Change, however, are not canceling our subscription service. And to honor the death of CNN+, we are doubling down on content creation.

So… would you like to see more entertaining, thought-provoking videos like the one you just watched?

You can help make that happen and support our independent media operation by joining our not-so-secret society, where we provide you:

  • raw, uncensored videos and reports
  • a decade worth of exclusive interview footage
  • exclusive events
  • masterclassess on survival, expatting and building an online presence
  • a forum for like-minded people to connect online and in-person (coming soon)

P.S. we assure you this service will not go away after one month. See you on the inside.



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