During his first live interview since being chased down and confronted outside the White House last night, Rand Paul, the senator who back in June introduced a bill that would end the kind of “no-knock” warrants that contributed to the murder of Breonna Taylor, described the “horrific” experience of being attacked alongside his wife.

Paul is no stranger to confrontation (remember the incident with his neighbor?) but he said he regretted his decision to try to walk back to his hotel. As Paul and his wife and friends walked, the crowd around them started getting bigger and bigger. They were shouting threats, but they were also shouting “say her name” in reference to Breonna Taylor.

“You couldn’t reason with this mob, but I’m actually the author of a law to try and get rid of no knock raids. These people were unhinged. I’m not sure we would have made it.”

At one point, the mob knocked down one of the officers guarding Paul and his wife. Asked about the types of threats, Paul said he heard members of the crowd bray about trying to kill him and his wife. If the police hadn’t been there “we would not be here today, or we would be in a hospital today.”

“I truly believe this with every fiber of my being, had they gotten at us they would have gotten us to the ground, we might not have been killed, might just have been injured by being kicked in the head, or kicked in the stomach until we were senseless,” he explained.

Later in the interview, he said he feared the mob would have “killed us” if the police hadn’t been there to stop them.

“They were inciting a riot and they would have killed us had the police not been there,” he said, before profusely thanking the police who stepped up to protect him.

Toward the end of the interview, Paul said he believes the mob that attacked him was partly comprised of paid protesters who arrived in Washington DC from out of state, and were given money for their accommodations so they could come and protest.

“I believe there are going to be people who are involved with the attack on us that actually were paid to come here, are not from Washington, DC, and are sort of paid to be anarchists.”

While Americans have a right to peaceably assemble, inciting a riot is a crime, and paid agitators deserve to be arrested, along with whoever is financing them.

“This is disturbing because really, if you’re inciting a riot that’s a crime, but if you’re paying someone to incite a riot that person needs to go to jail as well.”

“If you’re paying someone to incite a riot, that person needs to go to jail as well. I like being free to be able to take a walk in the park…I don’t hear Joe Biden saying anything about it…these are their voters.”

Mobs like this are why politicians who are playing footsie with the crypto-communists calling for “de-funding” the police shouldn’t be given the opportunity to lead.

“It’s become so dangerous for us and I don’t hear Joe Biden or Kamala Harris saying one thing about the violence. This mob is their voters. This is the new Democrat party, and if we don’t resist this, the United States is going to become Portland. We’re going to become Chicago. All of these failed cities Democrats have run, the president said in his speech,” he said. “If we allow them to take over the White House, we are going to become Portland, the country will be on fire, we have to have law and order and we have to support the police. I can’t say that strong enough.”

While Paul acknowledged that he and his wife got out unscathed, he noted that the mob was still out on the street on Friday morning.

“We can’t live this way. It’s getting worse and worse.”

Watch the entire interview:

Republished from ZeroHedge.com with permission

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