Twitter has banned yet another news outlet providing ‘non-approved’ information about COVID-19, this time banning Steve Bannon’s “War Room: Pandemic” account without explanation.

Launched in January, Bannon’s podcast covered immense ground concerning the coronavirus – including the theory that the disease leaked from a Chinese laboratory which was experimenting with bat coronavirus; a theory Zero Hedge suggested in January which similarly earned us a permanent ban from Twitter. Of note, CNBC, the Daily Mail, Rutgers biologist Richard H. Ebright, and several others have posited, implied, or entertained the same, obvious theory.

Twitter, meanwhile, still won’t remove a Chinese official’s conspiracy theory that the US Army secretly infected Wuhan with COVID-19 last October.

Bannon’s podcast, featuring co-hosts Jason Miller, Raheem Kassam, and Jack Maxey, has been critical of China and the World Health Organization’s subterfuge and lies in response to the coronavirus outbreak. Guests have included Dr. Steven Hatfill, Bill Gertz, and given a voice to anti-CCP dissidents, among others.

If the CCP has that much impact on Jack Dorsey’s team and their decisions they should come out and say so outright. That’s the only explanation. We don’t promote fake news or conspiracy theories. We simply point the fingers of responsibility squarely at the Chinese Communist Party,” said a War Room spokesman.

War Room podcasts have been downloaded nearly 6 million times, and streamed millions of more times across various platforms, according to their website.

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