Ukraine government officials are sounding the alarm alleging that Belarus is preparing its own military operation for a large-scale invasion of Ukraine in support of Russia. So far Belarus has only participated in the offensive by allowing Russia to attack from its territory, beginning when the operation kicked off on February 24.

In a Friday report, The Jerusalem Post is citing Ukrainian authorities who “believe that Putin ordered the military to provoke an air raid by Russian planes on the borders of Belarus and Ukraine, and Lukashenko – to begin preparations for an offensive by the Belarusian armed forces by 9 p.m. on March 11.” Currently official Ukrainian government statements are alleging that Russia attempted a false flag operation along the border in order to justify Belarusian forces’ involvement

“According to Ukrainian intelligence, in Moscow, the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko and Russian President Vladimir Putin each made a phone call,” the report says of the ‘planning phase’ of the alleged border incident. UK media is also reporting the bizarre claims and alleged incident.

Kiev has stressed that it does not seek to enter into any provocation with neighboring Belarus, which forms part of the so-called ‘Union State’ with the Russian Federation.

According to further details in JPost:

Russian forces plan to fire on Belarus from the territory of Ukraine in order to draw the Moscow ally into the war, Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov warned on Friday afternoon. According to Ukrainian media, the Russian shelling may have already begun.

Reznikov added that Russia intends to carry out an attack from Ukraine’s airspace to cover up the crime. According to the minister, the purpose of the provocation is to force the current leadership of Belarus to go to war against Ukraine.

Since the invasion – now entering its third week – started, there’s been speculation over the degree to which Belarusian forces may be directly involved. Within the past days the Pentagon has said it hasn’t confirmed direct Belarusian involvement – only that it’s territory was used as a Russian staging ground.

At the same time, false flag accusations continue to fly back-and-forth between capitals, with one unnamed Western official telling The Jerusalem Post

“The context that we’ve been looking at it in is from a false flag perspective. Clearly, whilst the Russians are highly likely to have a chemical weapons capability, there is nothing to suggest that they intend to use at this point in a major escalation of the current conflict.”

The White House too has suggested that Russia could be planning false flag operations. Jen Psaki also lately alleged Russia could launch a chemical weapons attack while blaming Ukrainian forces.

All of these wild accusations have served to create a highly dangerous atmosphere amid an already highly unpredictable wartime situation, with the worst case scenario being that a “provocation” could lead to the start of a WW3 scenario.

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