Multiple videos have emerged online in the past weeks and months showing Australian police doing what they’ve dubbed “welfare checks” on citizens, which has involved confronting people at their homes or in public parks to interrogate them on whether they’ve broken Covid lockdown laws, or in other cases have attended “banned” protests.

“Have you gone to any protest in the past?” the policeman asked in one video and encounter previously featured in RealClearPolitics. “No, I’m not going to answer that, you guys wouldn’t be here otherwise,” the man says. “I’d like to know how you got this address, actually.” The above Orwellian scenario appears to be happening more and more, as the latest shocking and dystopian video to emerge below shows…

In the above video now circulating widely on social media a pair of police arrive at the doorstep of an Australian citizen (precise location unknown) to grill him on whether he attended an anti-lockdown protest six months ago.

The police actually pull out a file and show the man printed screenshots of what are apparently his prior social media posts.

“Do you agree that you put some posts on Facebook?” the female officer questions.

“Does this look familiar?”

The man responds in the affirmative, “Yep” – to which the officers immediately ask: “The question that’s being raised is, ‘Were you there?’

The incredulous “suspect” breaks out in laughter at the absurdity of police showing up at his door to ask whether he attended a protest six months prior. Naturally he expresses outrage that protesting as a free Australian citizen would be deemed as somehow against the law.

The homeowner blasts the police showing up at his door as “loser-ish” and “sad”…”where are we going in life?” he asks. “You got the cops coming around here to tell me that I’ve been in a protest… six months ago?” 

“Well who gives a fuck? How illegal is that? Going to a protest?” the man continues as the police press him for answers.

Below is a separate prior incident showing a similar scene of cops interrogating people on their own doorstep…

The police officer informs the man the the protest in question was “illegal” – to which the man points out the rank hypocrisy and silliness of it all:

“Black Lives Matter protests were fuckin two weeks before that… was that illegal? You knocking on their doors?”

“Maybe,” the officer hesitates, now nervously on the defensive.. “No, you’re not,” the man points out, and then points out it’s all about police intimidation.

We can expect to see more such Orwellian intimidation tactics as Australia’s “crackdown” on Covid lockdown ‘rule-breakers’ continues.

But as recent huge protests which have rocked a number of Australian cities have shown, the police and state intimidation tactics will only result in fierce blowback as citizens finally say “enough” – flooding the streets in defiance of government-ordered “lockdowns” in larger and larger numbers.

Republished from with permission

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