A rare must-see panel discussion has been sponsored by Consortium News bringing together geopolitical heavyweights to offer their ‘outside-the-establishment norm’ perspectives on the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the state of play in Europe and among NATO powers.

Presented by the Committee for the Republic in Washington, the discussion features University of Chicago professor and international relations analyst John Mearsheimer, as well as ex-CIA Russia specialist Ray McGovern. It should be noted that McGovern’s CIA career spanned 27 years, which in the latter part included serving as the agency’s presidential briefer at the White House.


Also part of the discussion is Jack Matlock, last US ambassador to the Soviet Union, as well as Ted Postol, MIT professor of technology and international security. Additionally, Susan Eisenhower, grand-daughter of General Dwight D. Eisenhower, was part of the panel.

A recently resurfaced lecture that Prof. Mearsheimer gave at the University of Chicago in 2015 has gone viral since the Russian invasion kicked off last month. On YouTube alone, for example, the over hour-long speech has racked up more than 17 million views.

The famous author and political science theorist had predicted at the time: “The West is leading Ukraine down the primrose path and the end result is Ukraine is going to get wrecked.” This tragedy for the Ukrainian people is playing out now, with little hope that ongoing rounds of Russia-Ukraine ceasefire talks will halt the fighting.

Writing at The American Conservative, columnist Rod Dreher said of his prior predictions: “Mearsheimer Told Us So — In 2014.”

Republished from ZeroHedge.com with permission

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