By, Kelley M.
WeAreChange writer

Who doesn’t love the Southern Poverty Law Center and their reports? Well the SPLC seems to love WeAreChange, considering almost every US chapter made their militia and patriot group report a few weeks ago.

Today, they released their “Patriot” report, listing 36 individuals whom they describe as “enablers” of the anti-government movement. On this list, founding member of WeAreChange, Luke Rudkowski was listed. The report refers to Rudkowski as the “Patriot Journalist”.

Here is the official report:,2

The reports description of Rudkowski was vague in describing him as radical as they would have liked, mentioning an arrest by Bloomberg security where he was framed. The report also takes out of context quotes Rudkowski made in a YouTube video in order to demonize him.

“It was weird, the SPLC specifically interviewed me for this report, we spoke about non-violence, Gandhi, Dr. King as well as discussing in depth WeAreChanges commitment to raising money for 9/11 first responders, toy drives during the holidays, clothing drives and feeding the homeless… they didn’t even mention any of it, but they were sure to put in my quote about the uprising of the people so they could try and “radicalize” me… The specific message I made in the YouTube video was about how WeAreChange was here to lead the way in a peaceful evolution and not revolution” said Rudkowski.

Other individuals mentioned include 2008 Presidential Candidate Ron Paul, Alex Jones and surprisingly Glen Beck. When asked about being on the same list as Beck, Rudkowski responded, “..the only reason he(Beck) is speaking these ideologies is because it’s popular and it gives him ratings, he’s high-jacking the Tea Party movement and making it no-conservative, he’s the farthest from a true patriot and I find it odd to be in the same category as him…”

The SPLC describes themselves as “dedicated to fighting hate & bigotry” it seems the majority of the groups and persons they listed on their reports are peaceful and concerned citizens, the exact opposite of hate. The question is, should the SPLC be listed on their own “Hate Reports”? Considering main figures of the “truth movement” hateful and domestic terrorists is outrageous. One is left to wonder, are we all possible domestic terrorists if we question the intentions of our government?

“…what is next, will we be listed on the terrorist watch list? They simply want to discredit us and they’re getting desperate to demonize legitimate dissent…” Rudkowski

As Gandhi once said, “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”
We must be getting close.

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