Dr. Michael Ryan, Director of Global Alert and Response of the World Health Organization (WHO), told journalists at a press briefing on Monday that “pinch points,” otherwise known as places where people gather, must be “managed.”

Ryan spoke about numerous types of public areas, such as airports, public transportation, and even places like ski resorts that governments must “manage” to prevent further spreading of COVID-19.

He called on governments around the world to investigate “all forms of gatherings that lead to people congregating are moving en masse and how they are going to de-risk those processes.”

Ryan said if governments don’t believe those processes cannot be de-risked, governments should “curtail, postpone, and or even manage” those processes.

In other words, just like Thanksgiving – Christmas is likely canceled in the Western world. 

For more on this, listen to Ryan from the 28-minute mark.

While the pandemic is reshaping the world, the WHO, which is arguably parroting its main source of funds – China, is now demanding governments across the globe to “manage” what the world’s population can “safely” undertake based on their “science.” 

And this all comes as China, a strategic rival of the US, is attempting to become the world’s superpower – through a new approach – that is – “health… for your own good!”

Republished from ZeroHedge.com with permission

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