So.. Something fishy is going on with our YouTube channel. Believe it or not, we just lost a couple hundred subscribers. Maybe some people are unsubscribing, but I’m also getting a lot of messages from people saying they didn’t unsubscribe. That’s weird.

We’re also having record low views. Do we suck here at We Are Change? Is it censorship? Are we just old? What do you think we could be doing better?? (No, I’m not going to sell my soul.)

Give us your input! Your feedback means a lot.

Anyway.. In this video, we’re talking about the brainwashing mainstream media, the technocratic state, news of our favorite cyborg trashing democratic presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren as well as a rival social media platform in leaked audio, and the fact that data is more valuable than oil and energy on the world market (what?!) and what Andrew Yang might do about it.

In this video, we take a look at troubling footage out of Hong Kong in which a police officer shoots a protesterpoint blank. The young protester is now in critical condition at the hospital. I also reveal what might happen next in Hong Kong as a result of this incident. 

I also talk about other major protest movements happening now including one that I will be covering on the ground soon.

And what’s a good video without reminding you that the crazy people are running the insane asylum? Because they are. 

Don’t forget to share this video. Without you, I wouldn’t be here. 

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