With COVID-19 cases continuing to spike throughout Los Angeles County – forcing bars, restaurants and nightclubs to shut their doors to remain in compliance with state mandates, ‘underground parties with hundreds of people continue to take place every weekend,’ according to FoxLA, which has been conducting an undercover investigation for several months.

As coronavirus case numbers continue to rise and we face tighter restrictions, it’s restaurants that are paying the price. Restaurant owners have expressed fear that the outdoor dining ban, which kicked in Wednesday night, may put them out of business for good.

However, evidence shows it’s private parties and large gatherings that are fueling the spread. And so far, nothing has been able to slow it down.

On Wednesday night in Beverly Hills, just hours before the outdoor dining ban kicked in for LA County restaurants, SkyFOX was over a large gathering with dozens of people congregated together. The type of gathering health officials haven’t been able to stop. –FoxLA

According to the report, this past weekend alone they witnessed “masses of young people crowded into a house party like sardines drinking, dancing, not practicing social distancing,” with “zero masks and zero concern.”

“The partygoers scattered when gunshots rang out in front of our cameras.”

Investigators with Fox11 also witnessed cops show up to a house in Pomona, talk with someone, then simply drive away. Later in the evening, the same cop came back a second time, spoke with a young man at the house – who was laughing – and then drove away again. The cop came out a third time as the party was wrapping up, and did nothing as the crowd “spills out into the streets.”

In Van Nuys, another ‘massive party was taking place’ after it was promoted over social media.

“Different location but same story: no masks, no social distancing. A scene that would make any health official wince.”

Republished from ZeroHedge.com with permission

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