Interview with Abby Martin of Media Roots on Left/Right Paradigm, 9/11

Interview with Abby Martin of Media Roots on Left/Right Paradigm by Media Roots

MEDIA ROOTS- Doug Mckenty from KZYX’s Thursday Morning Report conducts an hour interview with Bay Area artist and community activist Abby Martin of Media Roots, where she reports from “outside party lines”. They discuss the false left/right paradigm, the electability of non establishment candidates, the renaissance of citizen journalism, censorship in the corporate press and 9/11.

Read Abby’s views on Media Roots.

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    Investigate NWO/globalists

    Indeed, Both Clintons provided phony opposition to the Bushies!

    The Clintons, like Bush & Cheney, are cunning psychopaths, i.e., no conscience, no empathy! Makes it very easy to lie to the sheeple while keeping a straight face.

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