Oliver Stone on Obama and 9/11 Truth

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Luke Rudkowski interviews Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick following the debut of their series, “The Untold History of the United States.” Luke discusses with them about the lack of outrage shown towards the President Obama’s continuation of Bush’s policies. Luke also talks to them about what should be done in regards to a new investigation into 9/11.

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  • MrKnowitall

    “..not much to be gained there.” (from a new 911 investigation) ?????? Just focus on Bush????? right after he just said that yeah, Obama gets away with murder. yeah, you’d better get up from the table now you schill. Always popular with the hipster left and young people, Oliver Stone has shown time and again that he will pander to the system. The W movie was propaganda from the left angle. He’s not changed much since then, has he? Willing to hold Obama’s feet to the fire? The guy sitting next to him seems to be, but.. come on, be more vocal about something that’s WORSE than even W!

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