Today’s video comes to you from Curaçao, a Dutch Caribbean island just north of Venezuela, where we talk about the mass awakening that is currently underway. 

In this video we do things a little differently. Tune in as we walk and talk across this weird island with Jeff Berwick, of Dollar Vigilante.

We talk about the fact that a major scandal seems to grace the headlines every single day, one of the most recent being that ABC was caught red-handed faking footage of a supposed slaughter of the Kurds in Syria in an attempt to justify the presence of U.S. troops in the Middle East.

Likewise, CNN’s narrative pushing tactics were just exposed and we can’t forget how LeBron James exposed just how bought and sold the NBA really is.

In this video, Jeff Berwick talks to us about those who have been controlling the narrative for centuries, how what we see in the US is happening in pretty much every other country as well and that Luke often sleeps on his couch.

A lot of stuff that should have been exposed long ago is finally being exposed now and the general population is finally waking up to the fact that the media and the government lie, thanks in large part to the internet. 

As a civilization we are waking up faster now than ever before. 

There are a lot of lies and manipulation out there, but it’s being called out now more than ever and the people who profit off of these lies are struggling to stop them from being exposed. As a result, independent voices are more important than ever and that’s why we’re being censored so heavily right now. 

All it takes for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing. All it takes are the little things, like liking and sharing our videos, to make change. We have the power. We are change.

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