New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has now been accused by two more women of inappropriate behavior, bringing the total to five, while two female aides have quit his administration over the sexual harassment allegations as well as a cover-up scandal over COVID-19 deaths in the state’s nursing homes.

Ana Liss and Karen Hinton have given statements to the Wall Street Journal and Washington Post respectively, with Liss claiming that Cuomo called her “sweetheart,” kissed her hand, and asked personal questions about her love life – frequently greeting her with a hug and a kiss on both cheeks. Hinton, meanwhile, told the Post that Cuomo “summoned her to his dimly lit hotel room and embraced her after a work event in 2000,” and that after she pulled away, “he pulled her back toward his body, holding her before she backed away and left the room.”

Liss and Hinton bring the total number of accusers to five:

On Monday, Anna Ruch told The New York Times that she met Cuomo at a wedding in September 2019. He allegedly placed a hand on her bare lower back and called her ‘aggressive‘ when she removed it. Ruch said Cuomo then placed his hands on her cheeks and asked if he could kiss her.

On Friday, Lindsey Boylan said that Cuomo made unwanted sexual advances toward her. She resigned in 2018 after the governor kissed her on the lips without her consent.

Another former aide, Charlotte Bennett, 25, said Cuomo asked if she ever had sex with older men and made other comments she interpreted as gauging her interest in an affair.

Cuomo also reportedly browbeat male aides in his office, calling them “pussies” and saying “You have no balls,” according to the Post.

What Cuomo has touted as an “aggressive” style goes far beyond that behind the scenes, according to more than 20 people who have worked with him from the 1990s to the present. Many former aides and advisers described to The Post a toxic culture in which the governor unleashes searing verbal attacks on subordinates. Some said he seemed to delight in humiliating his employees, particularly in group meetings, and would mock male aides for not being tough enough. –Washington Post

And while Cuomo has denied sexual misconduct with former aides, let’s take a moment to recall what happened last year when media pundits rushed to the New York Governor’s defense amid a public spat with former President Trump:

Of course, the people never forget when it comes to media clowns:

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