Author: Mitchell McGuire

Russia Calls Out CNN For Propagating ‘Fake News’ In Response To U.S. Sanctions

When CNN began circulating the rumors that Russia would retaliate against recent sanctions from the United States by closing an American School in Moscow and a U.S. embassy vacation house, Russia’s foreign ministry was quick to call the mainstream media out for broadcasting “fake news.” “You should not write that ‘Moscow denied…. Or Moscow will not…’ Write as it is: ‘The CNN TV channel and other Western media have again spread false information citing official American sources,'” Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova wrote in a Facebook post on Friday. While mainstream media outlets like CNN cited anonymous U.S. officials who reportedly claimed that the Anglo...

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Why Algae Could be the Future of Sustainable Energy

         Since the 1970s, the global scientific community has been scrambling to find an alternative fuel source to replace traditional “fossil fuels”. This is due to both emerging evidence of significant environmental damage caused by extensive use of traditional fuels, as well as the gradual realization that the rate of use of these fossil fuels is not sustainable and will eventually reach the point where it is too expensive to locate remaining fuel reserves, which will grow increasingly hard to access. Sustainable  clean energy is the current focus of global energy infrastructure development as the case to be...

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